Woolwich housing plans at Brookhill Estate evolve

In January this year I covered plans to demolish Brookhill Estate in Woolwich with new development proposed on site.

Yesterday a message was sent over showing consultation documents revealing further details on the site comprising former military housing – much of which has reached the end of its planned lifespan.

A total of 80 homes will be replaced with 263 as increased density in the town comes forward due to ever improving transport links.

Site overview. Click to enlarge

The site is not a Greenwich Council estate, with Hyde Housing Association behind the development.

Buildings top out at seven floors. That’s down from nine before.

It sits immediately south of Trinity Walk development, which saw a large reduction in social homes when Greenwich Council decided to embark on the “one Woolwich” program. Since then, households in emergency households has increased to near 1,600.

Massing. Block C could prove controversial

Sits massing appears somewhat odd. Hyde propose a six-floor block directly next to existing two storey homes, while low rise homes are planned closer to existing taller blocks and open space.

A planning application is expected soon, and they may shift the taller block closer to existing blocks or the expanse of open land while then moving planned two-floor housing beside existing low rise homes with heights gradually rising.

Hyde are proposing 77 car parking spaces across the site.

Homes are generally located around courtyards with private communal space.

Other sites

The development adds to a long list proposed in the area. In recent weeks plans for almost 500 homes to the north alongside a new leisure centre were submitted, and covered here.

Housing blocks

This site will provide 27 net new social homes out of nearly 500.

There’s land to the north and south of Tesco’s superstore which sits nearby and 724 homes are proposed there.

View from south circular. Brookhill is to right in this view out of site

There’s more plans such as 523 homes at Armourers Court:

Blocks over eastern end of Woolwich station

Woolwich Exchange will see 801 homes:

Woolwich Exchange

The great shame with all these plans is Greenwich’s failure to revise low levy’s on developments in 2018 via the Community Infrastructure Levy (despite a commitment to in 2015) ensures almost all – if not all – of these sites will bring borough residents far less income for improved services and improved towns and facilities.

A full planning application for Brookhill estate is expected soon.





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3 thoughts on “Woolwich housing plans at Brookhill Estate evolve

  • New homes are always welcome. But unfortunately yet again with this new development we see the amount of social housing on a formerly social housing estate slashed to around 27 out of 500. With most home for sale part buy part rent or let at higher private tents which the majority of local residents cannot afford. We have lost so many social housing homes in the Borough of Greenwich as the waiting list and homelessness continues to rise.


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