A look at Woolwich’s newest estate: Trinity Walk

A new estate has been taking shape in Woolwich over recent years as part of the One Woolwich scheme to demolish three estates and replace with 1,600 homes.

The scheme has aroused controversy as 1,100 predominantly council homes let at social rent rates are being replaced by 1,600 new homes of which 35% are “affordable” leading to a net reduction.

So-called affordable rents can now be at up to 80% of market rents, so not only are there fewer homes to rent below market rates but they are also more expensive.

The first of the three to go was the Connaught estate. In its place comes Trinity Walk from Lovell Homes and ASRA Housing Association.

The first estate to be demolished was Connaught. A central green spine runs through the new estate.

Here’s how it looks from Woolwich New Road, with Tesco’s Carbuncle winner seen behind in all it’s grey plastic cladding glory.

Woolwich Baptist church hangs on at one corner but probably not for much longer. Plans have been submitted to demolish and build a 14-storey block with a replacement church.

As is is, and how it could be:

Taller housing blocks taper down towards Anglesea Road.

In the warm afternoon sun this area felt a hell of a lot better than it used to with various trees coming into full bloom.

So far a few hundred homes appear to be complete and work is underway on a subsequent stage to the rear:

Other estates in the redevelopment scheme include Morris Walk near Woolwich Dockyard station,which has seen residents moving out over recent years, and Maryon Grove near Charlton.

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9 thoughts on “A look at Woolwich’s newest estate: Trinity Walk

  • There is NO PARKING designated for any of theses flats! In front of one building there is 4 Disabled Parking bays, but no bays for any resident requiring parking for Carers’ vehicles! It’s an absolute nightmare, destined to get worse!
    One building Percy Eagles has not had two lifts working on a consistent basis, and the same goes for the ‘Security Doors’!
    The majority of tenants are animals without regard for anything, and the interior of the building is already well on its way to being a stinking piss-smelling, graffiti strewn tenement!

  • The building I am in is plagued with problems that have not been fixed since inception in October. Not least is the problem with the water and heating supply which has failed at least 9 times in those 7 months. Sometimes it is not hot water sometimes it’s no water at all. That affects all the homes built at the same time. I’d also echo the above post about the “security” doors and unreliable lifts.

  • I live in Theobald Heights and the spec of my flat is excellent, but the development doesn’t seem well thought out. The lack of parking is a massive issue, especially when the car park sits empty. I choose my words carefully, but the tenants in the affordable rent (social housing) don’t seem to be the best in society…

    • Where do you suppose all these (social housing) people were supposed to go when they were turned out of their homes in order to make way for these ugly flats, which you love so much, to be built?
      While you’re at it look at one of my previous answers to your snobbish posts and digs at council tenants!

  • All these comments about parking and social housing tenants are misguided. Everyone knew (before buying) that there would be no parking at this development so why all the complaints about parking now? You live slap bang in the middle of Woolwich and only 6 minutes’ walk to the station, parking’s going to oversubscribed here.

    And all the complaints about social housing tenants are utterly shameful and despicable. Trinity Walk used to be a council estate and it’s a massive triumph for Greenwich Council that social housing is co-opted into the new development rather than cleansing the whole place of people who don’t earn much. If you feel you’re better than the social tenants then maybe you should take your money to the Royal Arsenal where you can also buy a parking space.

  • Allequal,
    What on earth are you going on about? The council are attempting to make the arsenal 70% social housing, this is visibly apprant as someone who lives close by, you can those young professionals being forced out, so you are clearly wrong when you talk about othersbeing misguided.

    Those who are working are the ones who suffer here.
    No homes in Woolwich are open unless you are super wealthy or happy to live on benefits. Labour caused this mess and it is shocking to see they are still pushing for more social housing.

    It’s a race to the bottom.

    • That is absolutely not true. You think Berkeley Homes would invest billions into the Royal Arsenal only to give away 70% of it? Berkeley are planning 5000 homes on the Arsenal site and only a quarter (25%) not 70% will be affordable, here’s the evidence: https://www.berkeleygroup.co.uk/media/pdf/i/r/berkeley-royal-arsenal-riverside-case-study-v1.pdf

      You’re right to imply medium earning working families are being priced out but you’re wrong to say this is being done by the council providing affordable/council housing. No young professionals are being ‘forced’ out of the Arsenal. In fact it is mostly young professionals who are moving in and buying up these new builds in Woolwich. Moreover, having affordable/council housing on the Trinity Estate or any Estate doesn’t justify calling council tenants ‘animals’ or ‘not the best in society’ as the two comments above suggest.

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  • It’s been a while since the last comment and I would like to hear if anything improved… On the topic of social housing: I think we do not have enough social and affordable rent/buy options but the fact is that social housing does bring a certain amount of unsocial behaviour – ECH in Royal Arsenal is a great example if you follow discussions on FB. I lived in two primarily social units and they were characterized by piss and graffiti in the public space. I haven’t seen any trace of it in the Imperial building or Waterfront I. There is no hate or prejudice here, just my experience.


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