Greenwich development on the rise as neighbouring site also sees action

Work on more than 400 homes at a plot on Greenwich peninsula has seen buildings begin to make a mark.

This site saw an increase in homes from 281 initially approved up to 431 with developer Knight Dragon behind the scheme.

Now rising

Basement work had been underway for some time but now we can pick out structures rising as seen from the cable car.

One is also starting to make an impression on the ground too, with a building poking out above tree lines as seen from the upper deck of a bus.

Seen from bus. Quite a few floors to go

An adjacent plot has also seen work underway after approval was given for high rise housing last year.

Approved in December 2023, it’s another plot that’s seen an uplift in overall housing to 300.

Note activity on riverside plot

The above image shows a third plot to boot, which is the most advanced. In the above image it can be seen on the right where yellow cranes are located.

The overall peninsula masterplan has seen a number of revisions over the yeas with the latest pushing totals above 17,000.

Activity on three plots

Nearby sites

That total excludes surrounding plots such as Morden Wharf (1,500 homes), a student tower beside the o2 (820 student rooms), the former cruise liner plot (564 homes), a tower beside the A102 from Fairview Homes (352 homes and 340 student rooms) plus Greenwich Millennium Village with 203 more homes are now underway.

In addition, a Travelodge hotel tower has been approved on the peninsula and Transport for London have raised the prospect of hundreds of homes beside the future Silvertown tunnel entrance.

To serve some of these sites a proposed new Superloop bus route could head to North Greenwich station.

Work underway at next GMV plots

However, across much of the area public realm and pedestrian/cycling routes remain dismal and particular those linking areas either side of the A102 road.

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2 thoughts on “Greenwich development on the rise as neighbouring site also sees action

  • Yes you do get a great view from the cable car on how work is progressing on the Greenwich Peninsula developments.
    The amount of homes being built is in the thousands. Infrastructure and amenities need to be upgraded to meet demand
    I appreciate their may be a superlopp express bus servicr from Thamesmead to North Greenwich Station along with the 472 and the new superloop route will be very welcomed.
    Howevwe, we still need to see an improvement ito local bus services to other areas of the Borough of Greenwich and South East London as people living in the new developmentsc will still need to travel to work, school. GP appointments. Hospital appointments etc which may not be on the superloop route or stop near to where they want to go. Siperloop bus routes are ideal for speeding up longer bus journeys..

  • I agree considering the huge amount of new homes under construction and planned over the next few years. We will need to see improvements to amenities and infrastructure including schools. GP Surgeries, shops sewage and improved public transport including bus routes to meet a growing demand providing links to other areas in South East London from Greenwich Peninsula.
    I also agree I think rather than a limited stop superloop bus toute a normal stopping bus route would be better as more people use public transport for local.journeys. The area however, could do with a replacement bus service between Thamesmead North to Lewishsm Shopping Centre via old routing of route 180 via Woolwich. Lower Charlton and Gteenwich Town Centre.
    With in a few years the area will be unrecognisable as development are completed as residents move in.


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