New Greenwich Travelodge to be approved second time around?

Greenwich planners are recommending that councillors approve plans for an 18-floor Travelodge hotel and 300 rooms beside the A102 Blackwall approach.

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A planning meeting will decide tomorrow. Plans were first rejected in November 2018. The council’s Planning Board stated:

“poor quality design fails to incorporate the highest standards
of architecture required to justify a tall building in this prominent location and to ensure development makes a positive relationship between the proposed and existing urban context”.

Nearby public realm

Which given it’s next to the A102, which will now see more traffic if Silvertown Tunnel is built, seemed a little odd. The main problem in the area is – as usual – dire public realm for those on foot.

Never underestimate Greenwich Highway Dept’s ability to install excessive street clutter

Back then income to the authority would have seen GLLaB receive £263,800 and just £50k spent improve the street on which the building would be located, and then a meagre £10k improving public realm between the site and North Greenwich station.

Way to the o2. Paving only on one side of street. Inevitably a car is parked on it

The Council’s report does acknowledge how important improving walking links are in the area, stating:

“In the absence of a legal agreement to secure street-level upgrades and
improvements to the public realm, the proposal would fail to improve
the pedestrian environment and appearance of the local streetscene,
thereby failing to encourage active modes of transport, contrary to
Policies 7.2, 7.4 and 7.5 of the London Plan and Policy DH1 of the Royal
Greenwich Local Plan: Core Strategy with Detailed Policies.”

Though it’s interesting how at many prior developments this has never been an issue. Hopefully this shows a change in attitude.

2018 plans were refused

Anyway, there’s some movement since 2018 and an apparent realisation how bad the area is on foot. GLLaB totals are down from £263,800 to £147,411. Income on public realm is still only £50,000, which considering how bad it is and how some areas in the vicinity lack even paving such as the stretch to the new Magazine venue, hardly seems enough.

There is £70,000 is allocated to transport, which also includes public realm. That will go towards:

“dedicated controlled crossing slightly to the north of the junction between Boord Street and Millennium Way, and rectifying the poor public realm (including the
small layby) between the junction and the proposed crossing site.”

This bridge is one way to reach Greenwich town centre from hotel site

The plan sees 60 car parking space and would provide 60 jobs.


The GLA have questioned the use of extensive grey across the new design:

“The height, scale and form are supported, however the use of a grey coloured
palette could appear incongruous and a reined material palette could be

New plan

Greenwich officers have dismissed this and stated it’s ok. If it does turn out a dreary, drab blot you know where the fault lies. Glossy silvers in renders usually become overbearingly grey in reality.

Renders show some wildly optimistic reflective surface.

But anyway, this whole plan assumes groups like Travelodge will survive a huge downturn in business due to coronavirus. And if they do, how finances look afterwards may mean plans take some time.


Adverts bring in modest income which helps me with the site but that is being hit with the growth of ad-blockers, and now income has plummeted in recent days with coronoavirus-related economic issues affecting companies willingness to advertise across the board. Income is down 80%. 

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