East Greenwich library sold by Greenwich Council

After years on the market it would appear Greenwich Council have sold the former east Greenwich library as new signs proclaiming “acquired for clients” now adorn the outside.

The listed Carnegie library building is in a pretty dire state.

Listed but neglected

And sits in an area with awful public realm.

Why change the habit of a lifetime and maintain?

The poor old library struggled on after the Blackwall flyover cut it off and the local streets endured some god-awful design and street clutter.

C’est magnifique

The state of the area wouldn’t help the sale price. Imagine selling your car with the bonnet smashed in or your house with a skip full of crap in the garden. No one with half a brain does that.

A great place to watch the world go by

If they’d long ago spent a few quid sprucing up this area it may have proved more enticing to buyers and gain some more money, but well, you didn’t expect that did you?

Sheer splendor

The council have been sitting on money from TfL to improve this area for quite some time. Work in the spring was delayed. Work is due to begin in November unless delayed again.

The library was gradually reduced in size over the years as the building fell apart. It eventually moved to the Greenwich centre (replete with flammable cladding) in recent years.

The old name

Given its listed and in dire condition I doubt they’ve got much – or what any buyer intends to do. Housing conversion perhaps?

1990s signage. Closed on a Wednesday

It’s a listed site that will prove costly to fix so the authority can’t be blamed for selling. Unlike the Plumstead children’s centre where it appears they are in the process of selling off cheaply. That did have other options.

Much income is expected to go towards the Woolwich Creative District.

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2 thoughts on “East Greenwich library sold by Greenwich Council

  • February 6, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    There appears to be internal demolition happening at the site now. Do you have any further information on what is to become of our beautiful (in its day) ex-library?

  • December 6, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    How very sad, I lived in Tunnel Avenue over sixty years ago and loved going tho this library.


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