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Greenwich Centre sees flammable cladding finally being removed

In my post yesterday covering roadworks in east Greenwich for the Thames Tideway project you may have spotted work now ongoing at the Greenwich Square development.

After much campaigning, flammable cladding is now being removed. The blocks contains hundreds of homes alongside the Greenwich centre library and leisure centre.

In June 2018 I covered news of how this block contained the most flammable level 3 ACM cladding. After Grenfell Tower, plans for 24 hour fire marshals were implemented.

Looking across junction

This is far from the only new-build in the borough with flammable cladding. Greenwich borough is in the top 3 authorities in the country.


  1. I noticed this as I drove past the development a couple of weeks’ ago. Has an agreement been reached as to who is going to pay for rectification?

  2. Graham

    This is good news for the residents of the new homes, patients at the Vanbrugh Hil Medical Centre loated on site and visitors to the Library and Leisure Centre.

    I appreciated cladding was originally introduced to provide added nsulation and to make homes more energy efficient. But if the cladding is dangerous it needs to be removed as soon as possible from all buildings in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

    Do we know yet who is paying for these works to be completed?

  3. Graham

    Located on site I meant

  4. Ciaran

    They’ve actually been at this work for quite some time

  5. Greenwich Park Fan

    This has been going on for months…….

  6. And will continue for many more.

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