Antic submit another plan to convert Woolwich shop into pub

Third time lucky? After two previously approved plans to convert a building on Powis Street into a pub comes yet another.

Antic have again submitted plans for a site beside an old art deco co-op converted to flats in recent years. Previous plans for conversion of the proposed pub site were first approved in January 2014 and again in January 2017.

Three years on and we see another application. A pending application is looking to alter the building to provide:

“construction of a fourth storey, part 1/part 2-storey extension at first floor, to create 2×1-bed studios, 3×2-bed flats and 1×1-bed flat. Works also include one Art studio at the rear”.

Long neglected.

The applicant states this approval is essential for the viability of the plan.

Click here to see the latest application.


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9 thoughts on “Antic submit another plan to convert Woolwich shop into pub

  • I’d love to see it. Given how well Antic have decked out their other pubs it would be a very nice addition, however, I do fret that there isn’t enough interest from the locals but overall the council no doubt would be well against another pub, they always are…

  • Anti-social behaviour is bad enough, so the last thing that Woolwich needs is another pub. The building is beautiful and it’s a pity that the developers cannot think of a better scheme to bring it back into use.

  • Your right the building is beautiful i really like the character of it which i hope will be retained when the building is redeveloped.

    My concern is also regarding anti social behaviour in the Woolwich area if another pub is opened. As the pub would form part of a residential development and their are residential properties next door.

    If the pub get the goes a head then it cannot be granted any late opening licences as this would not be fair on the residents living above,next door and hotel guest in the nearby hotel.opposite.

  • I also agree that is a really lovely character building just like tjhe old art -deco CO-OP Department Stotre building next door which has since been converted in to flats.

    As well as large chain stores Greenwich Council need to also to encourage smaller independent businesses in to the area. Provding office space etc.

    If a pub is to open on this site here than I agree restrictions need to be put in place with regard to opening hours etc. But again with so much anti social behaviour in and around Woolwich is another pub a good idea?

  • Fantastic news. As a resident of Wick Tower I welcome this with open arms! We need activity and life at the end of the high street. More activity = more supervision. It will feel far safer with operating businesses here. Antic are a great brand of pubs too. Less chat about anti social behaviour, that’s the people not the pubs fault.

  • I think this should be welcomed. Antic have a good reputation for revitalizing and re-purposing old buildings into nice pubs. Woolwich definitely needs more choice with all the new homes being built and it is a positive to keep residents spending locally rather than live in a dormitory town and socialize and pursue leisure activities elsewhere. Other commentators need to realize it’s not a zero sum game between abandoned buildings or chaotic anti social behaviour.

  • Pubs sell intoxicating liquor that leads to disinhibition and risky behaviour that often ends in disorder. I would rather do without that sort of life at the end of my road with the attendant wail of sirens and flashing blue lights, but I am grateful that I don’t have to live in Woolwich.

    • “but I am grateful that I don’t have to live in Woolwich” So just having a pointless rant then?

  • And the planning application has been approved! Almost a year ago, to be exact, but apparently work on it should start soon.


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