Plans in for 104 flats in Belvedere

Plans for 104 flats near The Morgan pub and Lidl in Belvedere have been submitted to Bexley Council.

New flats

The site is one of the few vacant after Belvedere Park was developed. Previously it was believed a Thames Water pipe ran underground which impacted upon development. It’s now believed it doesn’t actually exist.

Belvedere Park

Twenty per cent of homes would have an electric vehicle charging point with provision for twenty per cent more in time. This will become an ever more relevant issue in future with the Government announcing plans to ban the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars in fifteen years.

Site overview

In terms of trains, Belvedere station is a short walk and saw a 12 per cent increase in passenger numbers last year, though it’s one of the few stations that Thameslink trains do not stop along the route – despite having being timed at exactly the same time as Southeastern trains that do stop at every stop up to Dartford. Belvedere station is now at 1.22 million passenger journeys a year, which is up around a third over the past five years.

Bexley Council are eventually hoping for 8,000 homes in Belvedere as part of their Growth Strategy.

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2 thoughts on “Plans in for 104 flats in Belvedere

  • It is good to see that the developers are planning to install electrical charging points for electrical vehicles at this development.

    Electrical charging points will now need to be included in all future developments. With more being installed as more electric cars come on to the road.

    However, I do wonder how long it will be for electrical charging points stop being free of charge and becone chargable as more and more electrical cars are purchased in the future.

  • I am also pleased to see electric car charging points included in new developments and is a step forward.

    However, I do agree with Graham I also believe that in the future electric vehicle charging points will become chargeable as more and more electric vehicles are purchaed as Governments received millions if not billions in tax duty fron fuel (Petrol/Diesel) just the same as they do from tobacco and cigarettes which no Government who ever is in power can afford to lose this income to the Treasury,

    The National Grid will also have to make improvements to meet the growing demand for electricity which will also require further financial investment. .

    So although I am all for seeing more electric vehicles on the road to reduce emssions.

    I really cannot see charging your electric vehicle being free to charge forever as more and more electric vehicles including buses lorries etc are purchased over the next 15 years leading to the 2035 deadline of petrol diesel and hybrid vehicles from being withdrawn from sale.


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