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East Greenwich junction jams due to Thames Tideway work

Roadworks at an east Greenwich junction have been causing long delays in recent days as alteration are being made for Thames Tideway lorries.

Junction work

If you thought this was the start of a scheme to upgrade the junction then think again. That is still years away. This work is to allow construction traffic related to London’s new super sewer which has a major worksite in Deptford.

Taken from pocket park site

There have been complaints the temporary lights are malfunctioning. In addition, a bus stop has been closed.

Looking towards Blackwall Lane

A pedestrian island has been removed on Blackwall Lane which will enable construction vehicles to turn north from Trafalgar Road.

Super Sewer

If you’ve not heard of the Thames Tideway it’s a mammoth £5 billion scheme that will result in extensive new sewer pipes across London totalling 25 km. A major worksite is located on Deptford Creek in the Greenwich side.

Worksite under construction

Another worksite is located in Deptford on Church Street.

Work is expected to continue on east Greenwich junction throughout February.



  1. CDT

    This will just bring choas to Greenwich and bring major traffic delays to a extremley busy junction which remains busy throught the day.

  2. I was caught in slow moving traffic yesterday as I made my way to the big Sainsbury’s in Greenwich. I turned off at Maze Hill and went via Westcombe Park Road and Westcombe Hill. Not the first time I’ve had to do this either.

  3. It feels like between the never ending road works and the Jubilee Line being in a state of disrepair, Greenwich is determined to make us late for work every single day.

  4. Graham

    Absolutely Michael. Traffic through Greenwich is heavy at the best of times even when there is not road works taking place. Get road works then it is impossible to get to work on time.

  5. Greenwich Park Fan

    If you’re driving and you’re the only person in your vehicle then you’re part of the problem. Look how much physical space you’re taking up compared to someone sitting on the bus or a pedestrian.

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