Greenwich town hall tower opening to public: Redevelopment could make it happen

Consultation is to commence on plans to redevelop the famous Greenwich town hall also known as the Meridian building.

Plans include 75-85 new homes.

The former Greenwich town hall has seen numerous usage since Woolwich town hall became the main borough administrative centre following the merging of Woolwich and Greenwich borough councils.

Tower near new flats constructed on former police station site

Coventry University occupied part of the site until 2019 though the tower was never open to the public – until now.

Well perhaps, as the consultation states owner Riverlow are looking into providing access.


They are also proposing residential usage within the Grade II listed structure.

The listed nature of the building means any external alterations are unlikely.

The structure is a masterclass of interwar Modernism. Effortlessly graceful while having a reassuringly solid presence, it occupies a position as one of the finest pieces of civic architecture in London and the UK.

A consultation event will be hold on 9th November from 2pm to 8pm in the building.

They also state:

We are also planning to hold a community webinar on Tuesday 16th November for those who cannot attend the public exhibition. To express an interest in attending our webinar please Email Michael Stanworth at


Click here to view the consultation website.


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    5 thoughts on “Greenwich town hall tower opening to public: Redevelopment could make it happen

    • I am glad that listing will prevent developers from taking unwanted liberties. I particularly like the windows and the clock tower is a graceful structure.

    • A lovely listed building in Greenwich. I think this building could be converted in to some nice period apartments keeping as many of original features as possible. The windows on the building are really attractive and will allow the new apartments to be light and airy.

    • The building ‘could be converted in to some nice period apartments’ but the reality will be as many as the developer can squeeze into the footprint. Whatever happens, the price will be outside what most can afford.

    • I have been living in Greenwich for the past 20 years and allways wanted to access the clocktower, this is so exciting!

    • That is fantastic news! About time some new life was breathed into that historic space.
      The views from on top must be out of this world, can’t wait to experience.


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