Greenwich Millennium Village expands south

New blocks at Greenwich Millennium Village are continuing to head south towards Ikea and Charlton’s shops as building work slowly progresses.

Well, slowly may be a bit inaccurate recently – though overall build rates have been pretty glacial given it’s taken 20 years and acres of land still remain.

Another decade or two to complete

It’s only occurred to me recently that when they named it Greenwich Millennium Village they never actually stated what Millennium it would be completed.

This is a textbook example of housing provision lagging demand.

In recent weeks plans to reduce car parking spaces and increase building heights have been approved.  Plans for 135 homes in a future phase – plot 301 -were submitted in June this year and covered here.

Public realm isn’t particularly attractive

When fully built the site should include at least 2,750 homes. Overall levels of affordable housing are set at 20% and that level was set in an overall masterplan approved back in 2014. Plot 301 is 15% “affordable”.

Balconies on stage one from around the year 2000

Last November a 13-floor block near the ecological park was refused.

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    2 thoughts on “Greenwich Millennium Village expands south

    • I have seen this development from a distance and did wonder if they had planned to build closer to Ikea and the Charlton Retail Parks.

      I have read articles in the past where residents from some parts of millennuim Villafe have stated they have foind it difficult reaching the Charlton Retail Parks partly caused by having to cross some very busy roads.

      This might be an ideal situation for TFL to review planned new bus route 335 Kidbrooke Village to North Greenwich Station so that it can serve Charlton Retail Parks and areas of millenuim village not well served by other bus routes.

      135 parking spaces is not a lot compared to the amount of planned new homes.This is after taking in to account many younger people up to their 40’s do not drive now.

    • Sorry noticed some typo’s my apologises.


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