Two new towers rising in Woolwich – May 2017 photo update

Two new towers rising in Woolwich – May 2017 photo update

Here’s a quick update on a couple of large towers rising in Woolwich. First up is Berkeley’s third riverside tower. This is well underway as the concrete cores reach around floor 10:

More external finishes are visible on the first two towers to top out:

A view showing them in context with the river:

Just over the road is the Callis Yard development. The low rise section of this development has been underway for a while but no sign of the tower up to now. It now appears preliminary work is underway:

The column to the left of the concrete structure is where the tower will be located. Here’s how it should appear when complete:

Berkeley’s other plot at “Pavilion Square” has pretty much topped out. This is however not high rise. Here it is with the new Premier Inn hotel on the right:

And the completed scheme should look a lot like this, when viewed from Dial Arch square:



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4 thoughts on “Two new towers rising in Woolwich – May 2017 photo update

    1. Not really I don’t think. There’s a disappointing lack of commercial units in towers coming by the Thames. It would seem an ideal spot for quite a few bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants but much will be dead frontage to hide ground floor car parks which really should be located in basements.

      1. That’s a real shame. I don’t like the trend of “walled-off” tower developments where the only reason to ever go to the development is if you live there or are visiting someone who does. Not literal walls, but they might as well be if there’s no other reason to go there.

        It’s similar to the new housing developments springing up all over the country – clusters of tiny houses in pointlessly winding lanes and closes, with no through routes to elsewhere and a single access road in and out. Residents avoid traffic etc. but it must be like living in a ghost town.

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