Woolwich Tramshed plans submitted – first look at new Woolwich leisure centre?

Plans have been submitted to upgrade and extend Woolwich Tramshed.

The site is beside a major mixed-use project that will include housing and a new leisure centre. The projects are closely entwined. It was only recently that a decision to retain the tramshed were made.

Images in the planning application show indicative buildings on the leisure centre plot which housed shops until they vacated the plot, including Wilko who are leaving the town.


The Tramshed will see an extension to the rear and along Wilmont Street. It will be renamed Tramshed Theatre.

Of course, this potential view of the leisure centre could be replaced – though it appears pretty detailed and isn’t just a blank box as often seen. We should find out soon.

View Tramshed plans here.


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10 thoughts on “Woolwich Tramshed plans submitted – first look at new Woolwich leisure centre?

  • Concrete jungle! Non-affordable housing (although they will call it affordable) that will probably stand empty after a couple of years? The only Hospital is the QE and that is already overwhelmed, Dentists no longer take in NHS, The Police are overwhelmed, Belmarsh is full, No GP surgeries, schools at bursting point. The area is full of gangs and drugs!

    • Totally agree D.W.W.

      Although I am looking forward to the new Leisure Centre which will be more centrally located in the Town Centre than the Waterfont Leisure Centre it is replacing.

      The old Waterfront Leisure Centre is past its best and would require major refurbishment hence membership of the Leisure Centre being down prior to Covid-19.

  • There is no “creative district” nearby! Berkeley Group are planning to convert one of the Royal Arsenal buildings into the “Woolwich Works”. One building is hardly a district, it is completely at the whims of the developer and let’s remember it also doesn’t exist! Meanwhile Tramshed is a community organisation that hads been going strong since 2009. Clearly the demand is already there.

    • Its not Berkeley it’s Greenwich Council funding it. It’s more than one building, and it does exist. It’s almost finished. It’s been worked on for two years. Tramshed may offer something different and they coexist fine, but the Creative District is not just an idea on paper anymore.

      • Ok. So the commenter got the details wrong. It’s a council project – great. It’s more than one building- event better.
        However, suggesting that because the building is nearly finished and the contracts with the companies using the spaces might even be fulfilled, but, depsite this you are wrong to suggest that it means the creative district is now manifested. The Woolwich works project does not mean we will be given a “Creative district”. A creative district is here when communities engage with the creative industries. These actually already exist and Tramshed is a powerhouse in what they do for our growing “Creative district”. It also exists in the thameside studio, the gcda’s farmers market, the pop up events pushed by neighbouring communities such as CCevents and plumstead make merry.
        The commenter also brings up an important issue – this proposed “district” is on the Berkley group estate. Something they will benefit from when charging extortionate prices for their new builds. They have So far proven good on their commitment to support local business. Which is great. But they directly benefit from this message, having a farmer market on their doorstep for example. We must be mindful of these things- to ensure they do not become gentrification problems – and we must bring through our existing community. That includes building up Tramshed. Not suggesting they’re are soon to be redundant because of Woolwich works.

  • It’s a shame the frontage of the center could not match the tramshed to make the area look different to to the bland blocks that abound the area, for those of us of a certain age, will remember building with Maccano sets. With regard to council housing why dont they build more of the brick built houses and flats the council have built in Woolwich, I have read about, or is it they dont want to maintain them, if its money they could be more robust when property developers want to buy land to homes nobody can afford, over half a million pounds for a 3 bed flat at tavey bridge Thamesmead is a point in mind

  • This is really nice to see. It’s such a relief that the tram shed building is retained, and the refurbishment and extensions seem to be well considered and of high quality. Reinstating the original main entrance and windows will greatly improve its connection to the street.
    It will be interesting see if that is indeed the design for the leisure centre, or if it’s just for illustrative purposes.

  • The first render suggests pedestrianisation of the road around the square? Is this part of the plans? Wouldn’t be averse to it but where would the buses go!

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