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QE Hospital, Woolwich to have healthier food option with new fruit and veg stall outside

Stall will be behind bushes. Pedestrian entrance is not good

Now this is good news for many staff and thousands of patients, as a plan has been submitted for a permanent fruit and veg stall to be located outside Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich beneath a shelter.

This is a god send for many. A few years ago I’d have thought what’s the big deal? Then I had to visit often and stay there for a week. The isolation of the hospital and limited access to good food on site really hits home.

Not a standard flimsy stall open to the elements

There’s some ok canteens on site, an expensive WHSmith and not much else. Being a former military hospital the site is not exactly close to shops and amenities. There’s a co-op when walking towards Eltham and there’s the option of walking into Woolwich town centre but neither are ideal. Having healthy food at the entrance will be a massive improvement.


  1. Roy

    I was there Wednesday and there is a Food Stall with an extensive range of fruit and vegetables…..shame they don’t have drinks as that would compete with Smiths and the cafe…
    Would be nice to have some tables and chairs to one side…there’s room but no inclination

  2. Chris L

    Not a healthy option but there is a greasy spoon cabin operating in the sports ground behind the hospital (beside Charlton Park). There is a gate in the fence.

  3. Derek Small

    Incredible considering it’s a major health facility with a huge throughput of staff, patients and visitors yet healthy food is only now being considered. There are some things the NHS just takes too long to pick up on. They’ve only recently discovered cycling is a good remedy to ill health and are actively encouraged to prescribe it in GP’s. Good news anyway, now just need to replace multiple concessions with well
    owned and managed indies with a condition of tenure that standards of healthy eating are primary. Choc muffins out (massively bad for you but widely pushed in multiple coffee outlets, lower saturates/sugars in! If we can’t educate people into healthy eating in our hospitals, where can we?

  4. Jane Lawson

    A good plan would be to get The Village Greengrocer in Charlton to run it.
    And also seriously stop the smokers who ignore all the signs.

  5. CDT

    I think the new permanent fruit and veg stall outside the main entrance will be better for staff working the stall and will keep them warmer and dryer in the winter months.

    I am with Jane Lawson though when it comes to the smokers hanging around by the main entrance of the Hospital.It states no smoking on hospital premises or in the grounds of the Hospital if my memory serves me right. (But I could be wrong on this),

    But if this is the case the Hospital Security staff should put a stop to the smokers by the main entrances.

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