Street Feast looking at Woolwich Indoor Market and Marks and Spencer opens

A couple of snippets of good news for Woolwich. Firstly, food market operators Street Feast, behind the Model Market in Lewisham and a food market in Dalston amongst others could be coming to Woolwich according to a report for a Greenwich Council meeting.

Existing traders will move out by January before the proposal for Street Feast to takeover with hopes of an April 2017 start, according to the agenda of Greenwich Council’s Regeneration, Transport & Culture Scrutiny Panel meeting, which contains this:


The current covered market has been limping along with a small number of traders for as long as I can remember. It struggled to attract locals – either long-standing or new.

Street Feast markets in other parts of London have attracted a wide range of good food and drink stalls that have wider appeal. Existing stall holders have been offered alternative sites by Greenwich Council and hopefully food stalls of decent quality will remain with Street Feast. I’ve heard there’s a good quality Nepali food stall, for example, which will hopefully be able to return after a short-term move.

Spray Street Masterplan

It’ll only be a short term market as the entire site will be levelled for the Spray Street project. A project by St Modwen and Notting Hill Housing with 600 homes, many new shops and commercial space including a cinema, it initially had plans for a replacement covered market which would face onto the existing outdoor market:

Early render
Early render

Latest plans have ditched that idea. The success of a new temporary market could indicate whether a permanent replacement is feasible.


Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer have also returned to the town, located in a unit over the road from the indoor market beneath a new tower by the forthcoming Crossrail station. The new food-only store opened this morning.

It’s raised a fair amount of excitement on social media, which probably says more about just how lacking Woolwich is than the quality of this addition, but it certainly adds more variety to the town, as it once did.

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8 thoughts on “Street Feast looking at Woolwich Indoor Market and Marks and Spencer opens

  • This is SUCH good news. Wow. I suggested that Model Market shoudl take over because it was SO successful in Lewisham! So great for that run-down market.

    • I used to live in Lewisham and remember the model market as a collection of foetid and rundown units. I am actually quite appalled to think that food is being served on the site. I also have similar reservations about the covered market in Woolwich. As for Dalston, which I also know, words fail me.

  • I hope Spray Street Project does not go ahead sad to lose more old buildings which can be renovated and fixed up to be beautiful again.

      • Love the new look of the site.

      • Don’t be surprised if none of the buildings are found to have any architectural merit. The whole site will be levelled in preparation for the throwing up of more cookie cutter, soulless tower blocks to be flogged to investors and those who think living in Woolwich is ‘metropolitan chic’.

  • Good news indeed but I wonder how popular it will be with the locals? Will it be open everyday?

    The existing block of shops are shabby (the only building of any merit is the old Infant pub).

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