A look at Woolwich Part 3: Ogilby towers and more

So then, here we are at part three of a little look around Woolwich as new homes and blocks continue apace. Today I’ll look at a few sites not covered in part one (the former Connought estate) and part two (riverside towers).

The Ogilby site used to provide housing in low-rise buildings on Wellington Street just a short stretch up from Woolwich Town Hall. They were demolished and being replaced with substantially taller blocks.

Viewed from behind Tesco

Ogilby isn’t a sexy enough name so it’s branded as Wellington Quarter. Here’s how the final building will appear.

These pics are taken from the public space behind Tesco. It’s a pretty sad looking space.

It’s apparently not designed to actually be used given a lack of seating. It’s not great as a shortcut route either as there’s steps and a lift at each end.

I presume this is because car parking is below. Instead of locating it in a basement it appears to have been shifted to ground floor level and then the walkway placed above.

A big development just about complete is Berkeley Homes Pavilion Square on the Arsenal site. It’s a mid-rise block with a 1980s touch and surrounding listed buildings:

Over in the centre of town and scaffolding still covers the Woolwich Equitable building as conversion works continue.

It can just about be seen through the tree:

The grass is currently being re-laid. Greenwich Council have been using the green space for events since the new square opened. I can’t help but think that was never in the brief for designers, who probably expected adjacent Beresford Square to be used for such purposes given its expanse of hard-standing, level ground.

Grass doesn’t last under heavy footfall and the variation in heights and surfaces of General Gordon aren’t ideal. Anyway, Greenwich Council use it for events and so the grass is usually patchy and thus requires replacing and fencing off various parts.

You can see part one of this round up here.

And part two is here.

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