Groups “chase police in Woolwich” as fireworks aimed at the public

It’s the annual fireworks extravaganza in Woolwich tonight as groups light and fire fireworks around the town centre.

So far we’ve seen fireworks aimed at the public around General Gordon Square as well as buses and flats, video showing fireworks lit in the face of people and reports of fireworks thrown at police who were “chased away” according to reports.

This happens quite regularly but police again are caught on the hop. Losing thousands of officers since 2010 as cuts kicked in probably isn’t helping too much. Other events such as a car meet in Canary Wharf are ongoing which often require a large police presence.

A large police presence is in the town. Hopefully no one is injured.

UPDATE: Reports the police have left and it’s started up again.



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    19 thoughts on “Groups “chase police in Woolwich” as fireworks aimed at the public

    • Some people have less than normal respect for the MPS but that atmosphere has been created by the police themselves.
      But the MPS will always blame others for their self induced problems

      • How have the police created an atmosphere where its acceptable to have fireworks fired at them.

        Perhaps you could enlighten the world with how the police are to blame for these youths behaviour.

        • Disgusting behaviour. Why aren’t more people angry that we have to live with this? It’s unacceptable.

      • I would also like to know how you can conclude that the MPS have created the atmosphere. Is it the MPS that are lighting the fireworks in the street? Or causing the crime and ASB in the area? I would like to see your evidence. You blame the MPS in the same way you allege the MPS blame others for their “self induced problems”.

        The responsibility for idiots misbehaving with fireworks lies with the idiots themselves. The police can only do what they can, and the last thing they need are people with unhelpful attitudes like yours.

        • Michael well said I could not agree with you more.

      • Don’t be so ridiculous. The problem is scrote kids with no moral compass, a community with poor morals and little or not upbringing. Pull yourself together – we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and you think the MPS have brought this on themselves?

    • What actually is the point of General Gordon Square? I know we’re meant to see it as some kind of borough focal point, but it’s just a magnet for anti-social behaviour. Most of it had buildings on it until the late 70s. Move the market into the bit with the railway underneath, build on it again and see if you can do the same in Beresford Square.

      • There are complex social problems behind this sort of behaviour but I’m not sure what the easy answer is. I don’t think it exists.

    • Unpopular opinion time… fireworks shouldn’t be sold to the general public. What’s the point of them? Professional displays can be breathtaking but in the hands of your average person, they’re never fun. At best, you’re literally setting money on fire to impress your bored kids (who would rather be doing anything else than shivering in the cold back garden). At worst you’re creating a nightmare hellscape for animals, the environment, the NHS and veterans.

      • I agree. I really like firework displays, but the sale of fireworks to the general public should be banned.

    • Gentrification ala regeneration tends to create more social problems not less. As housing is more expensive, more cramped and more difficult to come by you end up with a more tense situation in which social problems are more prevalent. You see more anti social behaviour in poor gentrifying areas like Woolwich then poor “stable” areas like Thamesmead. Maybe we need to rethink the impact that gentrification has. I know that this site often focuses on the “jobs” and money that is driven in by developments but how much of this money makes a difference to the lives of ordinary people? You create a few hundred £10 ph jobs at best but you end up with that money being eaten by higher rents and therefore higher service costs. The money ends up in the pocket of land owners and developers, not the people who live in an area and have lived in an area for generations.

    • More anti social behaviour than Thamesmead? What planet are you living on?

      • I’ve been mugged twice in Woolwich, and been attacked so many times (I dodged fireworks featured in the video above at 11pm and was very close to being hit with one). Never had any problems in Thamesmead.

    • Majority of the people involved were Year 10 students from St. Paul’s academy, last year they did the same thing. It’s just disgusting.

      • It is disgusting and unacceptable behaviour Jen. Lets hope the Police make a visit to St Pauls Academy and their parents. This could have ended in serious injuries which we can tolerate on our streets.

        The MPS cannot be blamed for this. It is just more anti social behaviour on the streets of Woolwich,

        • Sorry just notice a typing error in one of the sentences in my post above. What I meant to type is

          “This incident could have ended in serious injuries which we cannot tolerate on our streets”

    • Ban the sale of fireworks to the public and have organised displays only with strict health and safety measures in place.

      Disgusting and sickening behaviour which cannot not be tolerated under any circumstances.

      The MPS do an outstanding job day in and day out. we need to show a lot more respect to the MPS and our other emergency services.

      In any other Country a water cannon would have been turned on them. That would have but a stop to their dangerous behaviour.

      Sorry if I sound harsh but we will get no where if we keep pussy footing around people and this kind of stupid behaviour will continue. Someone could have been seriously injured and suffered life changing injuries or at worst killed.

      I hope this matter is still being investigated by the MPS.

    • City boys should not have fireworks!
      Having lived in the US for a good many years, I am acutely aware of the fact that fireworks aren’t sold in urban, populated areas because there are very few areas to safely ignite them.
      Crowded areas are not good, either, people being combustible.
      This all being said, fireworks in London should, DEFINITELY, be banned!


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