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Woolwich sees “cluster” of diseases in children possibly related to coronavirus

Courtesy Google. Evalina Hospital

The Evening Standard has tonight reported that around 40 children have been treated for a hyper inflammatory disease after possibly contracting coronavirus, with cases centred in Woolwich and Southwark.

The BBC reported an alert to doctors on 27 April, and today’s report states children having symptoms such as “high persistent fever, they have got red eyes, they have got a rash, they have got swollen hands and feet.”

Children needing treatment have been moved to Evelina London children’s hospital located beside St Thomas’ Hospital.

Numbers of children contracting the disease are very low but it’s one to keep an eye on. If you suspect anything is wrong it is usually possible to gain a same-day GP emergency appointment even during the current time, and Accident and Emergency Departments are also functioning. Many people have been put off attending A&E due to fears of contracting Covid-19 though hospitals are operating under stringent conditions to ensure cleanliness. Do not be afraid of attending in an emergency.

Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust have been contacted for comment.


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