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Demolition of Greenwich sheltered housing block as 35 homes planned on site

In recent months Sam Manners House in Greenwich has been demolished – and a local resident was there to take pics.

Work underway

The building provided sheltered housing before coming down. Flats stopped being let in 2017, and an application went in to demolish in October 2019.

Courtesy Google. Former block

I’m told the site has now been levelled. As yet there is no application for new homes to replace the former 1970s block.

Empty for some time

As of March 2020 early plans potentially see eight houses and 27 flats built on site. Residents feared the site may become vacant for some time as has been seen at east Greenwich library and the Arches leisure centre.

East Greenwich library

With so much turmoil what happens next is unknown. Greenwich Council were hoping to complete new homes in 2021.





  1. CDT

    It is such a shame to see the Council sheltered housing used to house the elderly and disabled being demolished to make way for new homes which will probably be for sale rather than rent at affordable social rents

    Fred Styles House on Fletching Road Charlton as also been demolished,to make way for 37 new council homes. At least these homes will be for rent by the Council.

    It is a shame to see the Arches Leisure Centre and Old Greenwich Library left vacant and still unused. It will be great to see both of these buildings brought back in to use.

  2. HK

    The flats next to the old East Greenwich library look hideous from the outside!
    They haven’t aged well at all – well they looked awful from the moment they were put up!

  3. CDT

    Yes I agree HK the flats next to the Old Greenwich Library do not seem to have aged well.

    I think some of this could be down to fumes from heavy traffic as this can make the outside of buildings look dirty over time. As the buildings are never cleaned on the outside.

    Which I think could also be a problem for the new developments at Greenwich Square (old Greenwich District Hospital site) and Blackwall Lane due to the heavy traffic in this area,

    I am hoping the old Arches Leisure Centre may be retained for community use.

    I am not sure if the old Greenwich Library building is listed or not? so do not know if the building will be retained or demolished if a new owner is found for the site.

    Ideally council housing should be built on any council owned sites which are surplus to requirements rather than being sold by the council to private developers.

    I am sure I read that this is what happens in some other Boroughs around London. Murky may be able to give some clarification on this?

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