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Greenwich pub holding virtual music night tonight to aid struggling musicians

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Greenwich pub the Morden Arms are holding a virtual music night tonight from 8pm to aid struggling musicians who have seen incomes plummet to zero in recent weeks.

The idea came about after one musician revealed they would be evicted by their landlord after money dried up once busking and gigs stopped almost two months ago.

It’s being held tonight from 8pm with the host stating:

“I am running a FREE online festival called  ‘The Morden Arms Lock-In’ on Friday 8th May, 8-10pm.

The 6 great acts are:
Ceri James, Gordon Robertson, Fran McGillivray Burke, Oggy Stoop, Mike Happninboy,and Damien Renouf

All playing LIVE and REAL-TIME from their homes.

You will be able to see the festival at

You can also interact with them direct and real-time by messaging them on twitch.

If you enjoy their performance and want to keep the project running then perhaps you might consider buying them a beer/ loaf of bread/ help to pay their rent by tipping them.

You can tip by:

Paying to an individual addresses

Scanning the QR code to pay them on Paypal

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