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Dartford tunnel closure today leading to very busy Blackwall crossing

Greater congestion as public transport fares increase and cuts kick in?

One Dartford tunnel has been closed due to emergency repairs cutting capacity in half. It is likely to remain shut all day.

Several miles of traffic has built up on the M25, with some drivers heading west to cross at the Blackwall Tunnel. The Woolwich ferry is currently shut until December.

Areas around Greenwich have been extremely congested on recent Saturdays so today is likely to be extremely busy. Shopping numbers are picking up as Christmas approaches and Charlton are at home this afternoon.

Rotherhithe Tunnel restrictions are also still in place due to issues found during routine maintenance.

It’s probably a good idea to give the area a bit of a wide berth if possible.

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  1. Wish I’d read this one before I set out to work on Saturday afternoon! The tunnel problems were exacerbated a couple of collisions on the approach and by the closures for the Blackheath fireworks.

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