Khan wins big in Greenwich and Lewisham London Mayoral vote

Some of the first results from the London Mayoral election are now coming in with Sadiq Khan winning big in Greenwich and Lewisham.

Results have seen a swing from Conservative candidate Susan Hall to Labour. Full results for all candidates can be seen here.

Vote shares were Khan 46.5% and Hall on 26.2% which are close to opinion polls conducted in the lead up to May 2nd’s election.

Looking down at City Hall from cable car

That equates to votes for Khan at 83,729 and Hall on 36,822.

Elsewhere in London

On the other side of London similar has been seen with a swing to Labour in Wandsworth and Merton.

Turnout is up in outer London areas such as Bexley and Bromley which are traditionally Tory strongholds with results expected throughout the day.

2PM UPDATE: Labour have declared victory after subsequent vote counts show a big lead for the party.

North East London has seen a substantial Labour victory with incumbent Sadiq Khan seeing 127,455 votes (or 61.7%) against Conservative Susan Hall at 34,099 (16.5%).

Bexley and Bromley

Bexleyheath town centre. Area remains sole Tory stronghold in London at time of writing

2:35pm UPDATE. Results are in for Bexley and Bromley showing the only Susan Hall victory so far. Khan saw 48,952 votes with Hall on 111,216. The area remains the odd one out across the capital.

The Tory candidate saw around 11,000 more votes than the last election though Khan was also up by more than 4,000.

In South West London Khan secured 77,011 against Hall’s 68,856.

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11 thoughts on “Khan wins big in Greenwich and Lewisham London Mayoral vote

  • Once again highlighting that people complaining in their own little facebook worlds/groups are far from all people. Not a very inspiring choice of candidates though to say the least but the Tory didn’t seem to have the first clue about London and was aiming at over 60s. Constant BS which took voters for idiots. London is a younger city in terms of population but you wouldn’t know it from her strategy.

  • Tories went hard on driving with stuff like pay-per-mile which is never coming in over the next 4 years and tried to scare drivers. Thing is in London – even outer London – those who drive isn’t as high as much of the country. Even in outer London 40 per cent of households don’t have a car. Of those who DO drive, 9 out of 10 will have a Ulez compliant car. We’re now down to very small numbers impacted.

    Then even those who don’t have a Ulez compatible car if disabled can still use their non-Ulez car and EVEN people on other benefits could get a scrappage payment and buy a motor up to 20 years old and not pay Ulez. If effects such a small amount of people in London – one per cent max? – that having an entire election strategy on it was weird and when the Tories realised that they went onto the pay-per-mile scare story stuff or tried to scare people who didn’t understand they would never be impacted.

    • Do not be fooled. He has wasted mlions on researching pay per mile with several TFL staff researching how it could be Introduced. He said he would not introduce the ULEZ expansion bit look what happened.
      Now he wants another vanity project Superloop 2. When we need to see local bus servicess improved stopping by people’s homes and serving new developments and going where people need to go liocal hospitals, town centres, secondary schools etc etc.

      • Everyone in the world is looking at pay per mile. Nothing unique about a London mayor doing it. A quick google shows Westminster too has been looking at the matter.

        See this from 2022 “the cross-party Transport Select Committee warned that unless the UK began to act now on the issue of road pricing, it would stand to lose both an annual £28 billion in fuel duty as well as £7 billion in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), creating a budget black hole which would need to be filled by a rise in income taxes.”

        That’s cross-party MPs not the London Mayor. And here’s a quick Google showing Oklahoma in the States researching. Just one of many examples plucked from a google search.

        From what I understand it’s a fairer system as VED would be abolished and then people pay per mile so the more you drive, the more you pay. Same as on a train the further you go, the more you pay. Like now the more fuel you use, the more fuel duty you pay (of course pay per mile is to replace fuel duty not run alongside and it’s something for the future). It’s not coming in within the next four years in London or anywhere else but opponents of Khan and people like Susan Hall stating ONLY he has ever researched or mentioned it is baffling when you looking into it. Most places around the world and in the UK have and are researching it. You can be sure the treasury want it as how do they compensate £35 bn in tax revenue? That’s a massive chunk of money.

  • Poked my head into local Facebook group. Meltdowns. “No one I know voted for him”!

    That says more about you. Some live in their own bubble and have no idea of the world out there even in parts of London let alone beyond. Going to Greenwich for some in Bexley is being adventurous. No concept that people are more varied than in their own little bubble. Expect a lot of Trumpian complaints of fraud etc from people like that who won’t accept the result.

    • ‘Expect a lot of Trumpian complaints of fraud etc from people like that who won’t accept the result.’ Wasn’t identfication documentation introduced to guard against “voter fraud”? You can’t reason with those who have drunk from the cup of grievance politics.

  • I can see the rest of London like the country moving towards Labour/Lib Dem/Greens in years to come including the general election while Bexley and Bromley are one of the very few places remaining Tory. Odd thing is Tory leadership seem to think the somewhat unusual voting patterns of those in the area are or at least were representative of other areas. This election has well and truly shown that to be wrong.

    Even Kent will go a lot more Labour/Lib Dem in the next general election while Bexley stays blue.

  • I voted for Khan reluctantly and with a heavy heart. I was desperately looking for a credible alternative candidate but they were either chancers, buffoons or both. Why did the Tories put up such a lackluster candidate in Hall? The whole thing got me questioning whether London really needs a mayor if the candidates are so uninspiring.

    I did vote Green for the Assembly (was one of the few candidates that actually live in the area they are asking to be elected to represent!). Based on my interactions with Duvall and his office, he appeared to be an empty suit who is far too complacent, which is no doubt the result of the guaranteed seat he has.

  • Migration remains a big problem for the people of Kent. Labour and Liberal Democrats will not tackle the migration problem. If anything it will get much worse under Labour and the Liberal Democrats.
    People could vote Reform UK or for independent candidates ax people do want to see change.

  • The people of Kent voted in Tories who granted the most visas and highest level of migration last year ever seen by a long way at a net 704k. The same party that also does nothing to fund pressure on services. That 704k was far higher than any year Labour was in power. That’s another thing that was odd about Tory supporters of Hall. Can hardly complain about immigration when your own party has seen it rise so sharply. Tories are toast as what they complain about they have been responsible for.

    Reform are a joke too. There’s a place for a party that can manage visas and immigration responsibly so it benefits the UK in terms of tax revenue and skills while ensuring services are able to match any increase in demand. Tories certainly havn’t.

  • @Joe and @RG: you both make excellent points. I recently told my 17 year old car that was ULEZ compliant. People go on about ULEZ as if they are expected to spring for a brand new top of the range car. Driving is a privilege and not a right. Further, a proportion of the moaners, jump into their vehicles just to drive to the corner shop.

    As for the pay per mile proposals, people love to demonise and blame those for what they don’t like, while ignorning the fact that such schemes are being looked at by everyone as a means of raising revenue.


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