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Woolwich Arsenal Southeastern station building opens after week-long closure

Courtesy Southeastern

The ticket office at Southeastern’s Woolwich Arsenal station has reopened after a week-long closure.

A new anti-slip floor was installed last week forcing passengers to leave via a side exit and limiting connections with the DLR.

Apparently free tea and coffee are being given out to passengers today. Whether that’s a sloppy instant coffee or a Costa card I’ve no idea.


  1. Mike S

    Waiting to see how the new floor works, because the old one was a disaster from the day it was installed, so the first thing they did was rough it up, which collected dirt!

  2. Chris L

    It was tea and coffee from the outlet on platform 1. You had a choice of coffees.

    The decision to close the gates to the DLR (and step free access to platform 2) was blamed on safety concerns from the DLR management. Not sure how this is different from today. Apparently anyone could ask staff to get wheelchair users to platform 2 (if you could see anybody on the gate line.

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