Deliveroo set to open “dark kitchen” in Woolwich

An application has been submitted by Deliveroo to open in a Woolwich industrial unit.

Deliveroo have increasingly been setting up food production centres and kitchens in industrial estates.

Some orders made on the app are increasingly not produced in a restaurant but on these sites which Deliveroo name “Editions”.

Twelve kitchens on site

The company are often keen for the public not to know these exist, with branding next to none existent.

The growth of food delivery apps such as Just-Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats has seen some restaurants become a haven of delivery drivers outside and in making visiting somewhat unappealing for customers.

From expensive restaurants with drivers clamouring through past tables with bags in hand to McDonalds and a dozen drivers hovering around, it hardly induces an eat-in visit as a customer.

Many restaurants were never designed for such purposes, and neither were outside streets.

Hence the growth of these sites across London.

The plan is centred on Unit 218d, Westminster Industrial Estate, 7 Aldington Road near the Thames Barrier.

To view the application click here.

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3 thoughts on “Deliveroo set to open “dark kitchen” in Woolwich

  • I never knew Deliveroo kitchens existed, but they make perfect sense. Hopefully some high quality brands begin shipping soon.

  • Me neither, but I think it is a good idea and saves having to wait in a queue at your chosen restaurant or McDonalds etc while they complete the home delivery orders first.

  • Good luck to Deliveroo as long as the high standards of hygiene and cooking are maintained. It will alos provide local jobs for Chefs, Kitchen Staff etc.

    As Plumstead residents said it makes perfect sense.

    The young lads and lasses out working in all weathers delivering food on biles and scooters also do a grand job for very little appreciation.


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