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Air Ambulance lands in centre of Woolwich

Viscount House. Future site of new leisure centre

Parts of Woolwich town centre have been closed and the Air Ambulance landed on General Gordon Square after a man was reportedly injured by Woolwich Arsenal station.

Courtesy Michael Tran

The victim was reportedly hit by a van. People filming and taking close up pictures of the victim and those helping have been strongly criticised. Many bus routes are on diversion.

Any witnesses to the original incident can contact police on 101.



  1. SD Lew

    I walked passed this this morning – I really really hope the poor guy is okay.
    I find it completely shocking that a. people were taking pictures, and b. someone can manage to cause such an injury on what is a very slow road always teeming with pedestrians. Whoever was driving was clearly not paying attention/going too fast. It was just past the zebra crossing too. Awful awful situation.

  2. Stephen Wennell

    These voyeurs are disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of trying to help they are only interested in getting “likes” on social media. God forbid the same thing happens to them!

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