Man “attacked near Plumstead fire station”

Emergency services are on scene in Plumstead helping the victim of a serious attack on Lakedale Road near the High Street. Fire fighters from the nearby station rushed to aid the man.

Witnesses report weapons being thrown after the incident as two suspects ran away, with one at least heading to the High Street.

One suspect has been arrested.

Much like this morning in Woolwich, people were taking close-up photos of the victim and emergency services working alongside. At least one photo was on Facebook in the past 15 minutes.

Not only can this impede the work of emergency services it is extremely insensitive to take pictures close-up.

It was busy on the street at the time being rush hour. If you saw anything contact police on 101.


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3 thoughts on “Man “attacked near Plumstead fire station”

  • Thank you for telling the insensitive people that this is not the time or the place to be taking pictures/video’s. That was all I saw in Woolwich this morning. Once again thank you for remindinng insensitive idiots about this, I would never want to see a video or picture of one of my loved ones like this and have it plastered all over social media before we we informed. Just such a lack of respect these days.

  • Unfortunately its no different to those who slow down cars to ogle at roadside accidents, except as Ria mentioned there’s the slight matter of idiots filling in the time on social media with the misfortunes of others. I’m surprised nobody tried to pose the victim for the perfect Instagram shot though that day isn’t far off. Hopefully the poor chap made it to hospital in good time

  • Totally agree I think anyone taking photos of a victim of assuaalt/crime and posting them on social media should be charged. This should be made a criminal offence.I would not mind if a person was taking photos were going to handed to Police as evidence and so suspects caan be indentified. But they are not they are are very sick individuals that encourage and provoke violennce. This is what they should be arrested and charged for.

    Charles you make some very good points. Anyone caught posing with a victim (which is likely to be a gang member) should be arrested,charged and fast tracked to court.

    Thank you to the Fireman at Plumstead Fire Station for rushing to help this victim and to the Met Police on the arrest of one of the suspects.

    I hope the victim is receiving care in hospital and will make a good recovery.


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