Plumstead Fire Station renovation and expansion plan submitted

A plan to renovate and expand Plumstead Fire Station has been submitted with fire engine access moved around the corner to face Plumstead High Street.

Plans would see a new building on Plumstead High Street plus a new community room and renovations to the existing building.

New build in context with existing building

This new building would remove the severance caused by the demolition of a bakers some decades ago. This image from the Heritage Statement shows the former building:


The station has existed on site since construction by the London County Council and opened in June 1907. Considerations were made to move the station in recent years which have been abandoned.

Looking along Plumstead High Street

The main entrance door onto Lakedale Road is to be renovated – while the current appliance bays will offer access to a community room.

Click to enlarge

Plans state: “We propose restoring newly built original 1906 period doors to the existing Appliance Bay as well as restoring and reopening the original front door. The brickwork and stone facing will also be carefully cleaned, checked for defects and repaired where necessary.”

Renders of the extension can be seen below:

New addition

Renovations to both the external and internal elements of the structure will restore original features, including this bricked-up window circled in red:

Window to be restored

Click here to view plans. The Heritage Statement contains a huge amount of photographs, explains design evolution and a history of the site. Well worth a read.

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4 thoughts on “Plumstead Fire Station renovation and expansion plan submitted

  • This looks like a really well designed and considered project. How refreshing!

  • Really good news. Now to get the architects and consultants charged with improving the shop fronts on plumstead high street to take heed. Retaining and/or restoring the characterful elements of a building is the way to go.

  • It looks like a good extension with a well thought out design that should complement the existing building.
    I’m pretty sure that I can remember the buildings that previously occupied the site before they were demolished.
    It’s just a shame that the Ayre’s bakers wasn’t still there.
    I used to live near the bakery in Nunhead and it is still the best bakery I’ve ever known.

  • This is really good news. I agree with No So Disappointed that retaining and restoring the characterful elements of a building is the way to go for this historic building.


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