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Street Feast AREN'T coming to Woolwich

Sad news for those who were looking forward to food market specialists Street Feast moving into Woolwich Covered Market in April 2017, as a report for next weeks Greenwich Council Regeneration Committee meeting suggested:


Despite this promising looking timescale the council have now been told by Street Feast they won’t be opening a market at the site. Some at Greenwich Council and councillors apparently got a bit ahead of themselves.

Fair play to those pushing for it but it’s a shame Street Feast pulled out yesterday, just as this news became public and was greeted with widespread excitement.

It’ll be interesting to know why they decided not to proceed. The meeting report suggested plans were well underway. It could show that despite Woolwich seeing many more residents moving to the town as various developments complete, it is still regarded with wariness by many.

Recent trips by myself to the town have backed up that poor image, with behaviour on show that wouldn’t happen or be tolerated in 90% of town centres. A bunch of alcoholics literally ripping a metal bin and the bag inside to shreds directly outside Tesco, in a very crowded area, was sadly not too surprising. Add in aggressive idiots barging people by the station and it wasn’t great.

But given the interest is there hope for another operator? The building is a bit of shambles and needs improving alongside attracting a wide number of stalls. Half a dozen in the grotty exiting environment wont cut it. Street Feast have done that in other places. Does anyone else have the backing to do so?


  1. adam

    I would like the current market to be removed in replace of a new indoor market of higher quality but still retain the African culture and other cultures that are inside it. That’s what I hate about the Spray Street project it doesn’t seem to celebrate the existing culture in the area.

  2. Plumstead Resident

    Oh well. At least through your post I found out about the Lewisham market, which I shall try to visit next year.

    I’m not sure Woolwich and its location would have attracted enough of the gentrified people that would make these kinds of markets a success.

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