Multinational Kebab chain set to open in Woolwich beside Taco Bell

A bit of a fast food row is set to be established along Powis Street in Woolwich as plans are in for the international “German Doner Kebab” chain to open, beside a planned Taco Bell covered on this site in recent days.

The new application will see the company which has turned donor kebabs into an international group with hundreds of branches across seven countries open at 60 Powis Street.

A Dixons some years ago

The proposed site is sandwiched between Taco Bell and McDonalds. To the left of a future Taco Bell is Greggs.

Regardless of whether German Doner Kebab or Taco Bell appeals, they are mass-market chains and Woolwich in the past 20 years has even struggled to attract those.

It still lacks many of the mid-market chains that are ten-a-penny all over the country, but British Land (who now own many shops) are apparently now able to land more chains.


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    11 thoughts on “Multinational Kebab chain set to open in Woolwich beside Taco Bell

    • Haha great to see Woolwich being congratulated for going upmarket enough to now attract a kebab shop. What a success story for the councils investments and the tens of thousands of new high rise residents who are the target market. Best to have ‘anything’ but an empty shop eh, not a pop up gallery or young enterprise or anything so forward looking.
      Thames Water should prepare for the fat balls under the streets here which will clog the sewage system with the grease from all these healthy establishments. Sad.
      Healthy eating is one sure way of helping save our NHS, but not in Woolwich, the QE best prepare here for the increase in waiting lists for heart patients which is already stretched beyond comparison. Yet the rise and rise of the fast food conglomerates is unabated and by many still welcomed.

    • Occupied shops are a preferred option to empty shops. They pay taxes and employ people. And a high street with higher footfall will in turn promote the conversion of other empty properties. High streets all across the country are dying, so this is welcome news in my view

    • At least it’s not a fried chicken shop…

    • The business says it ‘… has created a healthy and nutritionally balanced approach to traditional kebabs.’ 🤔

    • Totally agree Michael and Plumstead Resident. Occupied shops are far better than empty shops and your right the companies do pay taxes employ people and pay business rates to the Council.

      I think the German Kebab chain is more a more acceptable option than a betting shop for example.

      Larger retailers require bigger premises with car parking hence a lot for retailers opting for larger stores on Retail Parks.

      Sadly a lot of smaller and independent retailers struggle to pay rent and business rates and cannot afford to open new premises on our High Streets.

      I am all for seeing new businesses open and new jobs being created for local people.

    • You mention the Council, but quite sure the article says that the site is owned by British Land, which, as far as I am aware, has nowt to do with the Council.

    • I wouldn’t normally associate Germany with Kebabs when it comes to food. There is a large Turkish population in Germany, and the owner of the chain is Turkish-German, so that would explain it.

    • @Michael

      Business rates gets paid to the Local Authority just like council tax does at home. Business rates goes towards the cost of the service provided by the local authority.

    • @CDT. I am already aware of that. The investment in the unit in this instance is coming from a private company, and involves the landlord, which is also a private company. Neither of these are the Council. As it stands, the only link with the Council in this case is the planning application.

    • Should definitely hold a fromthemurkydepths forum kebab night there then!


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