Taco Bell set to open on Powis Street, Woolwich

An application has been made to convert the former Mothercare shop in Woolwich into a Taco Bell.

The site at 62 Powis Street is located next door to Greggs and two doors from McDonalds.

Planned frontage

Taco Bell are of course huge in the States, and now have around 70 outlets in the UK.

The company went on an expansion drive in 2018, and seek 200 branches by 2024.

Worth waiting for?

Yours truly is partial to Mexican food, though when travelling in the States some years ago it was firmly at the bottom of fast food places we tried.

Now Wendy’s – that isn’t bad at all.

They’ve recently opened their first UK outlet after many years away and are looking at 400 branches.

It probably won’t be long until many more pop up in London.


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    13 thoughts on “Taco Bell set to open on Powis Street, Woolwich

    • So great news for obesity and our rise in cancer cases, convert a baby care shop into another US fast food outlet, next to another US fast food outlet, next to a UK fast food outlet, and a new franchise in Reading for another US fast food outlet. All good news eh. processed meat being the biggest contributor to cancer, obesity and heart disease. Packaging all to add to the increase in waste on our streets and the cooking oils to clog our sewers with fatballs. Is this the future of our high streets, with not even having to get off the sofa when a motor scooter rider can home deliver and pollute out streets. Whoopee.

    • This is excellent news and shows there is confidence in woolwich as a high Street

    • Never tried tacos bells, when they open, I will give em a try.
      Also when will they renovate or open the Woolwich market building? The one opposite Barclays and M&S

    • I wouldn’t describe Taco Bell as Mexican Food – Taco Bell just happens to use the same names for pretty crappy carbs and fat.

    • Same owner as KFC and Pizza Hut, probably will result in a nice indoor reno at least. As someone else said its more a statement that larger companies are looking at woolwich high street as a solid option than gaining a great culinary option! the food is closer to an alternative to a kebab at the end of the night than it is a real dine out option. With that said let’s hope grilled stuffed burritos make it over from america with their delicious taco sauce packets.

    • The Mothercare shop closed a long time ago. The chain has since ceased trading. Powis Street and Hare Street has suffered from poor control by Greenwich Council over many years. Getting empty shops occupied and trading is so important.

      Both McDonalds and Wendy’s have a lot of vegetarian options nowadays.

      McDonalds put teams on the street to collect any waste from the stores. They also recycle the waste cooking oil to power their delivery vehicles.

    • Believe it, or not, I was just reminiscing of a 1 lb beef and potato burrito with mild taco sauce! I used to eat them after a hard night of ice cold Bud and Patron!
      (Truthfully, it was the ONLY reason I ever went to Taco Bell, being that there were far too many good Taquerias in San Antonio, Texas!)

    • An occupied shop is better than an empty shop on the High Street and will bring some needed local jobs to the area. I do agree with Chris L post.

      @Blackxino The Woolwich Covered Market building is due to be refurbished as part of the Spray Street redevelopment.scheme. I am not sure when work is due to start on this development but hope it will be sooner raather than later as this area is in need of regeneration. .

    • This is good news for Woolwich and I wish Taco Bell every success for the future.

      The announcement of the new branch of Taco Bell due to open on Powis Street comes at time Greenwich Council have said they are to upgrade Powis Street and Beresford Square.as part of a £3.8 million Town Centre regneration scheme. Hare Street should also be included as part of the regeneration scheme.

    • Woolwich doesn’t need another fast food shop where the patrons will discard the wrapping in the streets. So much for quality retail shops.

    • Sadly a lot of people live on fast food these days. You only have to see Macdonalds on a Sunday lunch time.

      Gone are the days families sat down around the table to have a traditional Sunday lunch let a lone a evening meal.

      Like it or not I think Taco Bell will do well in Woolwich.


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