Another Woolwich business fined for selling illegal products

It’s that semi-regular feature again where another Woolwich business is fined for selling products that are illegal in the UK.

Greenwich Council have put out a story that Ades Ltd Cash and Carry have been fined almost £13,000 for selling illegal products.

Ades Ltd had a unit in Woolwich (though to me it looks on the Charlton side of the boundary but we’ll give Greenwich Council the benefit of the doubt) alongside one in Thamesmead on Nathan Way.

Housing at former Ades unit

The Charlton location (OK, I’m changing my mind) actually looks like a unit that was demolished last time I passed for new flats.

Latest fine

If this sounds similar to what you’ve read before, you’re not wrong.

A number of businesses in the area have seen fines in recent years

In November 2022 a Woolwich business was fined after glass in meat, out of date food and illegal imports were discovered.

A separate business in Woolwich was fined in July 2022.

In March 2022 two shops in the town were also fined.

The latest prosecution of Ades Ltd resulted in “fines of £2,000 and additional costs of £3,900 for selling illicit cosmetics containing harmful chemicals.

“Michael Adedipe, Director of Ades Ltd, was also personally fined £2,000 (£1,000 reduction for early guilty plea) and £3,923 in costs and a victim surcharge of £800.”

One common theme among a number of prosecutions seems to be the council stating they offer advice which gets ignored. This time Greenwich claim “the council had regularly advised Mr Adedipe on the rules and regulations when importing products into the UK, and he was instructed to ensure all products were legally compliant.”



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    3 thoughts on “Another Woolwich business fined for selling illegal products

    • These are Serious matters that can cause people real harm including burns and scarring etc which can really affect people’s lives both physically and mentally as shown on television when these illegal products are used.
      Greenwich Council need to keep a very close eye on these businesses. If any more incidents of selling illegal or fake products are found these businesses should be immediately closed down. As fines are not always a deterrent.

    • Fines are not always enough to deter the businesses owners from selling dangerous and illegal products which can cause real harm to people including rashes burns etc. Which can have long term affect on people’s lives and health as shown on television..
      Greenwich Council need to keep a very close eye on these businesses and close the businesses down immediately if any more illegal or fake products are sold or found on the premises.

    • “If the penalty for a crime is a fine, then that law only exists for the lower class.”


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