Thames Water to build major pipeline from Woolwich to Lewisham

Thames Water have submitted plans to upgrade the water network in south east London to accommodate population growth in coming decades.

The stretch in question is part of a wider upgrade from Greenwich Peninsula to Erith. This specific application covers a length of 6750 metres.

Work will start at John Wilson Street then onto Ha Ha Road, Charlton Park Lane beside Queen Elizabeth hospital, Canberra Road, Charlton Road and Blackheath Standard then across Blackheath and the Prince of Wales Road, Montpelier Row, Royal Parade, Tranquil Vale, Hare and Billet Road, Mounts Pond Road, and Eliot Hill in Lewisham.

Red line denotes pipeline

The application also states “Cross connections are required between the existing 30” main and the proposed 750mm pipeline at four locations. These interconnection locations are as follows; John Wilson Street; Charlton Road on the east side of the A102 bridge; Charlton Road on the west side of the A102 bridge and Eliot Hill.”

One key reason is increasing new homes, with the pipe passing the recently approved Woolwich Central.

The pipeline will also accommodate new homes across a far wider area.

Thames Water are proposing to commence construction in Spring 2024 at the earliest, with completion expected by Autumn 2025. Plans can be viewed here.

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    5 thoughts on “Thames Water to build major pipeline from Woolwich to Lewisham

    • So now all of the traditional historic parts residential and business are being disrupted yet again and AFTER the construction of a massive amount of high rises. This will cause traffic nightmares added to Silvertown and other construction works. Developers don’t contribute anything to compensate original dwellings here. That is over 4 miles long! And if on the same scale as the one we’ve suffered here for almost a year already and still going on in Old Woolwich Road, disruption to locals will be huge. Blackheath torn apart. I have yet to claim for my business losses encountered, and they don’t make it easy you can imagine but I’ve lost thousands. But all the powers that be don’t need to live or work here do they. And I won’t for much longer, this is intolerable and i feel genuine sorrow for those who cannot afford to move away. A World Heritage site in jeopardy with the sheer volume of construction within a small number of miles. Lunacy, infrastructure cannot take it. Housing crisis aside it shouldn’t ALL be here!

    • Will they be able to fix the recurring leak near Grand Depot Road? Good to see them investing in infrastructure.

    • Mr. D.A. Small,

      You cannot expect, what with all the developments being built – not just in Greenwich – and the age of the water network which needs maintenance and upgrading, for nothing to be done and for it to just sit there and eventually collapse? You’d whine just as much about nowt being done if your water supply stopped or your home or business flooded due to the age of the mains supply. As disruptive as it will be, at least something is being done.

    • Good to see Thames Water investing in infrastructure and to support an ever growing population. With so many new developments already completed under construction many more planned for to the future. We need investment in infrastructure and amenities to meet demand now and in the future.

    • Its one thing investing in current infrastructure, its quite another having our local road/s blocked off for nigh on a year already, affecting leisure facilities, homes and businesses so a pipeline could run through from Greenwich Park and across to East Greenwich and then Peninsula. It was not clarified the extent of the disruption which is still ongoing. Lets see if you feel the same guys, if the next plans affect you after a year or too of chaos. This was a disaster here. And all the more annoying when it was only necessary to feed the enormous extent of concrete high rises across the North of our borough. Environmentally unfriendly construction, many (not all) ugly, cheap, and with little road infrastructure to cope, or community facilities enlarged to same scale. There’s no money for developers in those. Ancient mature trees cut down to make another tunnel for polluting vehicles including HGV’s. Yes its essential to keep house building of course, but we get no say when it affects current owners and occupiers massively. And if Thames Water were so keen on maintenance how about fixing all the leaks here first!. The sheer scale of the pipes going in are to feed a massive growth in construction within a finite area. It’s totally transformed our locality, and not everyone will agree, but it feels no longer my home, despite being born here and being once proud to live and work here. The streets are filthy, the community has split, there is no local policing in our streets. The only recent improvement hard fought for against massive opposition has been an increase in safe walking and cycling, but I well realise there are objectors to this too. I’m sadly looking at selling both my home and business and moving to pastures new. Before the new high rises begin to suffer their lift breakdowns with regular urination, graffiti, anti social behaviour and all the like which The Ferrier Estate suffered within a few decades. Whilst housing properly constructed to raise families in comfort last hundreds of years. And despite the massive construction here with its problems, neither of my children can afford to live here anyway, despite both being NHS professsionals. So what local benefit has this construction brought us, other that corporate and pension fund investments charging unaffordable rents for most of our young? I know there’ll be those who disagree, maybe they could outline the enormous benefits here too, just as those who prmoted Brexit told us those benefits!! (ps I’m no grumpy old sod! Just someone sad to see the current Greenwich, given a royal status and world heritage badge of honour (the area which received those honours is thsankfully pretty well protected from such changes I’ve outlined, those if construction such as Morden Wharf 36 towers was allowed any closer by RBG, even those may not be future proofed)


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