Two Woolwich shops see £26,000 fines after selling illegal products

Two Woolwich town centre shop owners have been fined for selling illegal products.

Rihana and Sabina cosmetics were found to be selling illegal skin lightening creams and children’s shampoo.

Rihana cosmetics is based on Woolwich New Road (shown on main image) while Sabina is based on General Gordon Square.

Sabina cosmetics located to right within site of Greenwich Council HQ

This isn’t the first time owners have been fined. They saw fines in 2018 for similar offences and also during the pandemic for ignoring restrictions. On this occasion Greenwich council state they continued to ignore guidance.

Mr Adeel Rubani and Mr Ghulam Musafa were both fined £1,000 and the company an additional sum. Fines totalled a combination of £26,673.70.

It’s also not the first time problems have occured with business in that building on General Gordon Square, with a illegal hotel previously in operation for over a year after planning permission was refused.


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    9 thoughts on “Two Woolwich shops see £26,000 fines after selling illegal products

    • Christ that street is a mess. They should be fining those shops as well for making it an eyesore and a bastard to pass along.

      I cannot think of many towns in London where a council let’s areas degrade to that in the backyard of their own town hall.

      Spending more millions yet they cannot even get the simple things correct.

    • 2 other shops on Woolwich New Road have historically received horrible food hygiene ratings. Another fined for hosting parties during lockdown if I recall correctly. Not a good lineup, the new woolwich exchange taking over this corner can’t come soon enough.

    • The only shop on that parade I have anything good to say about is the newsagent near the corner of Spray Street with the yellow Western Union signage. It has a cute cat and they saved me when I needed to buy a mask on my way to the station a few months ago.

      • Noodle bar was always a favourite for me though been a long time since visited

    • Woolwich New Road is an appalling mess. As Gordon says, the Exchange development can’t come soon enough. It can be a sensitive subject when it involves people’s livelihood, but I strongly believe if you want to run a shop/business then it needs to be of a certain standard, and it must be well designed and well maintained.

    • The Woolwich Exchange development needs to be started sooner rather than later. The Woolwich New Road/Spray Street area is in urgent need of regeneration. I just hope the Newsagents on Woolwich New Road is relocated near by in Woolwich Town Centre.

      The Newsagents is a nice little shop run by some really nice people I hope they remain in Woolwich.

    • Imagine, you walk out of a multi billion pound Elizabeth Line station to be greeted by that row of shops proudly declaring how pathetic this area is run and organised.

    • Pathetic bastards! They must be earning so much that the fines are chicken change to them.
      They should close down these kinds of people.
      Just 2 months ago, the hair shop next to kfc were also fined for selling illegal products! Guess what, same offense as these guys.

    • The proposed town centre redevelopments will prevent a lot of the current tenants from returning since the rents will be too high for them. Whilst cleansing the local area, be careful that you don’t end up with lots of shiny, empty shop premises. Enforcement is the proper tool not sweeping away businesses that serve the local demographic.


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