Woolwich redevelopment now well underway

A long delayed estate rebuild in Woolwich is now underway north of the railway line.

This was formerly Morris Walk estate and part of the “One Woolwich” project to rebuild three estates in an agreement between Greenwich Council and Lovells.

I took a long look at the site back in 2020 when an application was made to build new homes.

Blocks rising beside roundabout

As ever in this area, a lack of decent quality pedestrian connections over the line is apparent. This is supposed to be one of the main ways residents traverse the railway line to reach buses and other amenities.

Main link between each side of estate

Greenwich Council planners refused Network Rail’s request for sufficient funding for a new footbridge linking each side of the estate.

Not great

Work is currently underway to the north of the line where a number of blocks will be constructed.

Now rising

This half of site will see 304 homes in place of 152.

Morris Walk blocks during demolition

Morris Walk South will see 462 homes with heights gradually tapering down away from the railway line.

Morris Walk South site at present

The design seems centred around new and/or improved crossings over the rail line that will now not arrive.

Morris Walk South

Streets will lead to the dingy underpass, an old bridge or an area where it looks for all the world as though a crossing was planned but not funded. Images in the planning application strongly suggested that to be the case.

Green arrows suggested crossing points. Middle line not happening

Of the other two estates included in the “One Woolwich” program, the former Connaught has been rebuilt as Trinity Walk.

The third is Maryon Grove which has been left in a desperate state in recent months. This was a Greenwich council estate offered to PA Housing to be used for temporary housing in the 2010s.

Recently all residents were evicted as Greenwich gave notice they sought the land, despite no firm plans to build on site. Apart from outline plans, no detailed submission has been made let alone approved.



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