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New blocks beside Woolwich Centre seen as “Wellington Quarter” emerges

Looking up Wellington Street

A new block containing 81 flats on Wellington Street in Woolwich is approaching completion.

This block is located beside the Woolwich Centre and library and near the Town Hall. It was formerly Ogilby Housing Association flats dating from the 1950s.

Woolwich centre on left with Tesco behind

Plans were originally unveiled in 2015 (covered here) which were reduced in height before construction commenced.

Looking up Wellington Street

A pocket park was proposed to the rear of the building. I couldn’t see how that was shaping up from the street – and views from nearby streets were not much more revealing:

Park would be behind mound

An investment company stated in 2015 that investors could see 39 per cent growth from 2016 to 2020.


In reality prices are stagnant at best since 2016 across London and Greenwich borough – with some new builds falling in value.

Looking towards General Gordon Square with Town Hall on left

The development comes emblazoned with the obligatory “Help to Buy” logo and adverts.

Riverside towers

Of course by now Crossrail should have been running to accommodate new occupants here, at Royal Arsenal homes, Callis Yard and other sites. Still no confirmed opening date.

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  1. The renders are worth a closer look – they appear to show what look like southern European mountains out of the windows!

    • Charles Calthrop

      The third picture shows the Millennium Dome out of the window if I’m not mistaken

  2. CDT

    The Wellington Quarter is actually a really nice looking building and as Daryl said the renders are worth a closer look. I have watched this development grow from foundation to near completion.

    I am now looking forward to seeing the development completely finished. Looks so much better than the new builds covered in dark grey cladding we have seen on other developments around the Borough.

    • Sim

      I agree, it’s definitely one of the more attractive developments in Woolwich. Hopefully all the vacant land behind gets developed sooner rather than later!

  3. CDT

    I agree Sim. I hope the land behind the Wellington Quarter is developed sooner rather than later. I would not be sorry to see the same style of development as the Wellingon Quarter built on this land. using the same renders. This would then make for a very smart development.

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