Woolwich town centre upgrades: Another piece of the puzzle submitted

Following proposed multi-million pound plans for major changes to Powis Street and Beresford Square in Woolwich comes another application covering a separate part of the town centre.

This time it’s Barnard Close which links both Powis Street and Hare Street to Sainsbury’s and Calderwood Street.

Proposed changes

The application proposes seating, cycle racks and raised planters. It should be noted that planters and cycle racks seen on the right seen in the above image are not confirmed and “funding dependent”.

Raised planters are plain, bare concrete which may arouse some opposition if it appears “cheap”.

For fans of concrete planters (and who isn’t?) there’s another one from decades ago hanging on nearby close to Sainsbury’s.

A few decades old

And if concrete planters don’t get site views up, what will?

That one above is however textured rather than smooth concrete as planned on Barnard Close.

The area has not been well maintained since a 1990s revamp.

The application notes that. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but will there be maintenance?

Slapdash upkeep

Unlike Powis Street, much is set to be retained: “All existing damaged paving to be repaired/replaced. Paving to be cleaned and to match existing adjacent”.

A corner shop unit beside Barnard Close is set to be renovated as part of a separate Heritage project.

Proposed change

Footfall is pretty high here with a cafe facing onto Barnard Close.

Café looking towards Sainsburys. 

Nearby Sainsbury’s car park remains a bit of a timewarp which I took a look at recently.

It adoes offer some pretty good views over the area.

Looking down to Bernard Close

A mural is also proposed between the café and revamped corner shop unit. A number are planned across the town.

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    One thought on “Woolwich town centre upgrades: Another piece of the puzzle submitted

    • Not enough greenery or seating offered. And why do trees need to be in planters using more concrete, why not where nature intends trees to be so they survive forthoming droughts, in the ground!


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