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Woolwich’s Riverside House sees plan for 200 flats

Riverside House has been sold

Developers have submitted plans to convert Riverside House in Woolwich from office to residential use. 199 flats are included.

The building has long been a candidate for conversion. Under permitted development rights introduced in recent years, developers do not need to include affordable housing nor pay any Section 106 or Community Infrastructure Levy when converting offices to homes.

Minimum room and flat size regulation also do not apply.

The building was used for Greenwich Council and HMRC offices. Greenwich Council recently sold the building.



  1. anonymous201486

    There will be 200 tiny units selling at the same price as bigger flats.

    Read this – – and weep.

  2. Tom

    Noooooo I was going to try and convince the bank I work for to shift to this building!

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