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Suspected stabbing at Kingsman Street, Woolwich

An incident has occurred tonight on Kingsman Street in Woolwich.

The road is tapped off by police and a stabbing has been reported, though more details are coming in and it is yet to be confirmed by police.

More as it comes in

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  1. grzegorz zdanowski

    Yes is it tru,but Mr Khan know what to be happen when seat on Major of London and he have not any idea any plan B.I could say the Big Boss Almost Biggest Capital City around the world with few others,I am imigrant arrive .to London 14years ago from Poland and have been fascinating to see how Big country UK is especially The Capital City London.Today is very very different(poor)People trust Mr.Khan but his interest is on different site.Sorry I don’t think Mr Khan is a bad boy,just maybe too much for him or ,not enough for his site(plan)really sorry about my English language.By.

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