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Tube train captured with doors open in service between stations

Tube upgrades axed

Well, this isn’t supposed to happen. A passenger has captured doors open on what appears to be a moving Jubilee Line train.

This should never be possible on a moving train without a warning shown to the driver.

TfL are aware and investigating the incident.

Could it be a sign of reduced maintenance in recent times as TfL’s annual £700 million cut takes hold?

The delays with Crossrail will further hurt TfL’s income in coming years.


  1. Tom

    Oh good, the driver will be sacked and the drivers will strike.

  2. Gabriel

    the driver had spoken through the intercom that the door issue was known, attending passengers of it to not pull the emergency breaks. Trains can’t just stand still as being it a single track so others behind can’t leapfrog. This then making it interesting: the driver knew, then should have ordered all passengers to leave the train to head to the depot ‘out of service’. Station staff could announce to not enter the open doors in case he/she needs to await a green signal. Driving WITH passengers the biggest talking point – and to avoid tube strikes, best to leave the driver…

    • L

      @Gabriel your comment makes little sense. The driver needs to continue to the next station in order for station staff to perform a detrainment, before taking the train out of service. If this happened before the train exited the previous station and before the train has moved, then a detrainment would take place, and the driver would then take the train out of service. If the train moves before a warning is signalled to the driver he/she has to continue until the next station as trains cannot reverse and being stuck in a tunnel on live tracks cause a safety risk and make detrainment more difficult whilst delaying other trains and causing them to be stuck in tunnels also.

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