Charlton’s Peabody housing block rising

Valley House in Charlton is now making itself known at Woolwich Road.

Peabody have a hand in this scheme, which is making better progress than 95% if their Thamesmead schemes which have gone nowhere with the exception of The Reach – a small development near Belmarsh.


Some local people have been unhappy about the building site closing the paving.

It’s a shame some semi-segregated cycle lanes can’t be installed. It was practically a blank slate with new builds. Also, better crossings would be welcome:

Wands to protect the cycle lane?

The original proposal was for a nine-storey building was was deemed too tall:

So instead this is coming (apologies for low quality pic):

Also nearby, demolition work is ongoing on warehouses which will be replaced by around 350 homesΒ on Victoria Street. That development is separate to Charlton’s masterplan for up to 7,500 homes.

And finally, just because I like it, a pic of one of London’s remaining level crossings. Toot toot

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