Pocket Living seek to halve Greenwich residents-first marketing period

Developer Pocket Living are seeking to cut in half the amount of time new homes in Charlton are offered to local buyers before going on general sale.

The developer has been building flats on a plot of former public land at The Heights. It now seeks to alter the Section 106 agreement blaming delays with a former contractor and the housing market.

The Heights was one of three public plots of land Greenwich Council proposed to sell in 2018 despite a rapidly increasing housing shortage. In the end two of the three were retained.

That single plot has since seen design cutbacks and now the attempt which “aims to adjust the local marketing period from six to three months”.

Land disposals

Back in 2018 Greenwich Council sought to sell three sites despite an increasing problem with social housing shortages. Since then the problem has only increased with the authority recently having to pay millions for temporary housing including hotels.

Even back then it seemed clear that a short term receipt of cash didn’t make up for long term costs due to losing land for social housing. And so it proved.

There was questionable things going on at the time too. Those who opposed land sales received an email claiming they supported the plan.

The Charlton block is now approaching completion. The block’s “affordable” homes are at 80 per cent market rate.

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    6 thoughts on “Pocket Living seek to halve Greenwich residents-first marketing period

    • Why did Greenwicb council sell the plots of land to private developers rather than build much needed. social housing on these sites.
      Greenwich Council and the Labour Party who also runs Greenwich Council have no idea how to manage the housing crisis.
      Insteadc chosing to pay for expenses temporary housing and hotels and hostels.
      The way the housing waiting list iis managed also needs to be reviewed with priority going to applicants born bred and have always lived in the Borough who should not be forced to move away from family and friends. Often to other parts of London or the Country.

    • Sadly some developers have also seen their build to rent developments on the border of Woolwich/Charlton planning applications rejected over the last few years. The Council could have taken the opportunity to build social housing on these sites. but chose not too. Developments built to let as Private rented homes are not ideal for everyone but do help to provide much needed homes for people who cannot afford to buy outright or buy part buy/part rent homes which many new developments currently consist of .

    • @KM: the build to rent model only works for those who can afford it.

      • @anonymous201486. There needs to be a cap on private rents. More in line with local housing allowances foe the Boroughs the properties are located in. To make renting privately more affordable.
        That said there are a lot of working professionals are looking for goid properties to rent in London.

    • Everyone in the council knew the land disposals were a sham to help friends of the council and would cost residents and taxpayers.

      Lo and behold…

      Good old Labour in Greenwich. Rotten for years.

      • @InsiderX. Your not wrong. But now we need real change in Greenwich Borough and in the Town Hall. Residents deserve better.


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