Former Lewisham pub building extension and conversion work underway

The former Antic pub Suttons Radio in Lewisham has seen extension work begin.

Extra floors are being added above the structure.


The pub closed in 2022 and was on the market for £3 million in 2022.

That followed 2021 approval for extension and conversion of upper floors in nine flats. Commercial space was proposed on the ground floor.

Suttons Radio wasn’t a bad pub at all in a town that lacks many good choices for nightlife.

Existing market with former pub behind

Currently thousands of homes are being built or planned in the town, with a separate £24 million project aiming to improve nightlife.

One idea is a market pavilion that could cater for a market into the evenings. That was covered recently here.

Proposed pavilion on Lewisham High Street

The £24 million project is split between £19 million in “levelling-up” funding from central government and £5 million from Lewisham council.

Consultation information and images from Lewisham council can be seen here.



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2 thoughts on “Former Lewisham pub building extension and conversion work underway

  • As a youngster around 1984-85 we used to go down to Lewisham on Saturday’s. The place has gone down hill over the years . Its on par with Woolwich. £24m , I wouldn’t spend 24p on it . It’s now a complete pony hole and no amount of money will make it better . Its beyond refurbishment.

  • I saw that something was happening to the front of the building, but did not realise that such extensive plans were in the works. I will take a closer look next time I am in the town centre.


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