Details of £24m Lewisham High Street changes revealed

Major changes to Lewisham High Street have been revealed as a new consultation gets underway.

Images show how the face of the area could change as part of a £24 million project largely funded by government’s Levelling Up Fund supplemented by council match-funding of £5 million.

Current appearance of High Street looking west. Not well maintained

Most striking at first glance is a permanent canopy over market stalls. The intention is to have tables and chairs for eating including into the evenings.

In terms of the High Street the idea is for new paving, pocket parks and landscaping. As ever, funding for maintenance will be key.

Will it be maintained?

The current High Street isn’t well looked after. Can we have faith future changes will be?

The type of materials used is important. There’s little point using lightly coloured paving if it’s stained in no time with no funds for regular jet washing.

A couple of places always spring to mind when it comes to town centres and materials that last well. They being Greenwich town centre and Ealing.

Paving in Greenwich

Both use paving colours which are not bright white and so natural wear and tear doesn’t immediately stick out like a sore thumb.

Woolwich was an example of how not to do it. After just a decade it’s all being replaced.

Woolwich Beresford Square looked shabby shortly after completion

Abbey Wood is another example of a project with little foresight. Greenwich recently slapped down tarmac across some of it.

It was only installed around five years ago.

Greenwich Council handiwork in Abbey Wood. Paving also highlights stains

Back to Lewisham and two pocket parks are proposed, with one near the library and the other near Premier Inn close to Lewisham station.

The library itself is undergoing substantial internal changes as part of this project and images can be seen here.

Current view of High Street

Of course this is far from the only major project impacting the town centre. The below image shows the shopping centre behind which is set for demolition.

However the Marks and Spencer building will remain.

Market canopy near shopping centre

Events covering the shopping centre will also be held soon and was covered on this site during the past week.

The £24m High Street project covers an extensive amount of the town centre as seen below.

Extent of project

Other images contained online show what we can expect. Click to enlarge.

Extent of work

Work appears behind schedule given March was supposed to see construction work begin according to this prior timeline from a  2023 council report.

Lewisham town centre project timeline


One notable omission are cycle lanes which were previously featured when details of the project were revealed.

Cycle lane render previously seen as part of £24m project

Whether this plan is ditched or details will be coming later remains to be seen. It’s certainly not within the scope of this consultation.

To find out more and comment on plans click here. The deadline for comments is 22 April.


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7 thoughts on “Details of £24m Lewisham High Street changes revealed

  • Lewisham High Street is in desperate need of a complete revamp. I also like the idea of a canopy over the market.
    However, like with Greenwich Council i am not confident Lewisham Council will maintain the High Street. As sadly maintaining public realm is not priority for both Lewisham and Greenwich Councils. With the new Improvements soon becoming dirty and not well maintained. Which is uninviting for visitors to the area and local residents living nearby.
    More funds needs to be allocated to improving and maintaining public realm.

  • It’s like buying a light coloured sofa. Looks great in the show room but you soon spill tea or coffee on it. Better off going dark grey!

  • Being of Pakistani heritage, l was called the ‘P’ word a lot and that hurt me. l was one of the first to visit the current Lewisham Shopping Centre, in 1977 when l was 8 years old. I attended Gordonbrock Primary School, later on l was in Haberdashers Girls School, my Secondary School, [I thank all of my Teachers who guided me]. My first Job was in Lewisham Libraries, then l attended SOAS and gained my BA [Hons]. l grew up and was able to ignore Discrimination, but now. aged 55, l have been diagnosed with MS and l using a Wheelchair. I need the new Shopping Centre to be flat and fully Wheelchair Friendly, that includes the surrounding Streets so people like me can use it easily. I am looking forward to my local Mosque in Lewisham to expand and also be fully Wheelchair Friendly. I love Lewisham. Thank you very much.


  • It’s a shame that they are keeping that awful street market. Missed opportunity to get rid of it. Withit still in place the mess it makes with trash the place immediately.


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