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Crime, Lewisham

Appeal after man assaulted & sprayed with liquid in Lewisham town centre

Police are seeking witnesses after a man was assaulted in Lewisham town centre and sprayed with an unknown substance.

The victim is currently in hospital after the incident at 9:20 pm last night.

If you can help call 101 and using the reference number 7135/01mar.



  1. Graham

    This is awful what is happening in this Country . We never used tio have incidents like these years ago.

    Crime is clearly getting out of hand and more must be done to bring it back under control.

    More Police Officers are needed I agree 100%, but they must be given the tools to do there jobs on the streets of London.

  2. EthicsGradient

    What kind of ‘tools’ exactly?

  3. Graham

    Sorry EthicsGradient I meant to go about their jobs with out obstruction. When it comes to stop and search etc.

    Our Police are often criticised just for doing their jobs.

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