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Roadworks begin on A2 in Greenwich borough: Trees felled for new lighting

Roadworks have begun today on the A2 around the Sun in the Sands roundabout in Blackheath.

This work is labelled: “PHASE 1 – Installation of new street Lighting along the A2. Road crossings to be installed for new ducting. Tree Felling for new L/C locations.”

Road down to one lane southbound

Work could continue for some time as it moves along the A2 but whether it will cease by rush hour, well we will find out soon.

EDIT: Work did end around 4pm for the day though there were miles of queues by then, which continued throughout the evening rush hour. 

And work has begun at 10am. This image shows cones being laid. Within minutes tailbacks have begun. 

Courtesy TfL

Even if only off-peak, impact will be large as traffic is already backed up from near Kidbrooke through Blackheath to Greenwich.

Courtesy TfL. Queues back to junction in Greenwich after tunnel exit


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  1. Graham

    At least this section of the A2 is to get new street lighting rather than have street lighting withdrawn as long other parts of the A2.

    Street felling is an important part of these works as trees often cover street lighting reducing the light from them.

    I am guessing the new street lights will have energy efficient LED lighting units.

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