Events to be held on Lewisham shopping centre demolition and rebuild

A set of events are to be held in coming weeks covering plans to demolish parts of Lewisham town centre including the shopping centre and nearby buildings.

Site owner Landsec have previously consulted on demolition plans with new shops, houses and public space across a large part of the town centre.

Proposed green space above future shops

Last month an Environmental Impact Assessment was submitted to Lewisham Council – a precursor to a full application – that stated Landsec were considering “up to 1,700 residential dwellings, 475 shared living homes and 700 student homes”.

Three events will be held between Tuesday 19 March and Thursday 21 March. Details and the chance to book a place can be found here. Each covers a different aspect of the proposal.

Tuesday’s event looks at green space and landscaping. Wednesday’s will cover community heritage while Thursday’s focuses on types of facilities and venues as well as night time places to visit.

Courtesy Landsec. Building locations

In terms of the latter, Landsec’s revealed site designs see the existing Wetherspoons pub demolished. In the above image the pub is on the left hand side and replaced with a new block.

Tower remains

The above image doesn’t show the former Citibank tower which appears to be under different ownership. Documents state it will remain.

The tower has seen numerous plans for conversion to flats come and go without any movement.

Tower sits beside shopping centre

While the shopping centre and other structures will come down. some current Lewisham High Street buildings will remain.

One of the key goals is to increase through-routes through the site with more openings onto Lewisham High Street as well as a an entrance opposite Lewisham Gateway.

Pedestrianised route through Lewisham Gateway will lead to new through-route across shopping centre site when rebuilt

Currently the shopping centre present a blank wall when approaching from the station.

No way through

The events can be booked online and will be held at a unit within the shopping centre at number 25 beside XO Bikes.


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