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Supermarket planned for Lewisham site: Towers not coming soon

Retail park on Loampit Vale

A planning permission has been submitted to convert an empty retail shed into a supermarket at Loampit Vale near Lewisham station.

Close up of retail units – Former Mothercare shop can be seen

Legal & General gained permission for 536 homes across a number of towers on this site but little progress has been made since. I was writing about the site as far back as 2015. This latest application suggests any progress is some way off.

Legal and General plans for Lewisham – on hold

As for the supermarket that seeks to open? Well, Lidl and Aldi must be prime candidates given their ambitious growth strategies and the unit size. Lidl opened a branch in Charlton last month on a retail park.

Lidl Charlton opened last month at Millennium retail park

Then again they already have a branch in Lewisham, yet they may decide that the vast number of new homes coming and high station footfall makes it worthwhile.

One cause of delays to L&G’s mixed-use project is believed to be need for Compulsory Purchase Orders on a row of shops.

Low-rise Victorian shops can be seen on right in this 2014 photo

Despite hold ups on site, just over the road work is progressing on what will be Lewisham’s tallest tower on what was Carpetright.

Retail units behind Lewisham Exchange tower site

As for how long a new supermarket will last; well who knows? Five years perhaps? Maybe less. It may seem unlikely to go to all the expense of fitting out a site for short-term use, but the co-op did at Elephant & Castle for just one year’s trading.

Click here to view plans.


  1. CDT

    A supermarket for this site is a good idea. As you mentioned yourself Murky with the vast amount of new homes in and around Lewisham Town Centre the residents will need to buy food and other provisions as the local population continues to grow.

    Mixed retail/housing developments do seem to work well. So perhaps new homes could be built above the supermarket at a later date. Or new retail space provided for the supermarket on any future re-development on this site.

    The supermarket will also provide jobs for local people.

    • Asda is just a few minutes’ walk away from that site and there is a Sainsbury’s local across the road. I don’t see another supermarket here, especially on a short term basis.

  2. Graham

    Agreed. Amenties, GP Surgeries, Hospitals, Schools and other public services along with the public transport infrastructure in the Borough of Lewisham must be nearing crisis point with the major redevelopment in Lewisham Town Centre and around the Borough. Nearby Catford Town Centre is also due to see major redevelopment taking place.

    I think the idea of the supermarket on this site is a very sensible idea and could remain part of any future redevelopment of this site.

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