Unsung gems: Park Tavern, Eltham

Unsung gems: Park Tavern, Eltham

Every time I pass the Park Tavern pub in Eltham my heart sings a little and not just because I fancy a cheeky half. It’s simply a gorgeous little pub which is wonderfully maintained. A real gem.

Excuse the ramblings but I just love seeing buildings like this. Buildings in town centres where owners (or tenants) really care about keeping them in tip top condition. People like this are the key to keeping our towns as places people want to visit.

The gorgeous glazed tiles surround the ground floor and historic signage dating from Truman’s Brewery days takes prominence. Numerous hanging baskets filled with flowers beckon you in.

Truman’s signage just about hangs on at a pub in Charlton long abandoned. Different fates for different places.

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This post could be the start of a series looking at buildings that elevate their surroundings. There’s plenty out there, alongside little details that can easily be missed. One such example is almost directly opposite the park tavern and an entirely different style. One I love just as much.

This arch never really stood out until passing on a sunny day with shadows cast at just the right angle. How many have ever noticed it?  Does anyone have much info about it? I didn’t have much luck researching. Leave a comment below.

It would have been cheaper and easier not to include it in that post-war development, but thankfully they did. The kind of decision that is often quickly forgotten.

Eltham is fortunate to have a number of more than adequate watering holes. One of the newest is Rusty Bucket, which is now looking to expand as covered earlier this week.

Bottoms up.

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