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Car and occupant attacked by group with baseball bats in Eltham

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A car has been attacked tonight by a number of men on Well Hall Road in Eltham with the driver heading onto pavements in a bid to escape, hitting cars in the process.

Police are on scene and looking for witnesses.

Reports say a number of men were attacking another car with baseball bats. The driver hit a number of vehicles nearby after the assault begun.

Police numbers

In recent weeks an already depleted road traffic police division saw numbers fall further as officers moved to cover violent crime.

Warnings today also state that the Met Police could see numbers fall incoming years to the lowest level in absolute terms since 2002 – when London’s population was 7 million instead of 9 million as it now is.

Government have continued to cut police funds with another announced in recent weeks, and Government provide most of the police’s funding. Locally, the Mayor has limited scope to raise funds to compensate via council tax precepts. It does not make up the difference.

The issue is nationwide. Some forces like Norfolk are already down to the lowest level since the 1960s.

If you saw anything contact 101.

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