Lewisham Shopping Centre redevelopment plan sees new details emerge

Proposed plans to demolish Lewisham shopping centre and rebuild the site have seen more details emerge with a document submitted to Lewisham Council.

An Environmental Impact assessment has been submitted which shows the current plan is for “up to 1,700 residential dwellings, 475 shared living homes and 700 student homes”.

Shopping centre building on left would be demolished 

Consultation events has mentioned 1,700 homes which seemed a bit curious as developer Landsec U+I’s financial results had mentioned 2,500. The breakdown in this document explains the difference.

Plans would see the comprehensive redevelopment with the shopping centre and car park demolished. The former Citibank tower would remain though that isn’t always evident in some renders of the project.

Courtesy Landsec. Plans for new towers on Lewisham shopping centre site 

In additional certain buildings such as the Wetherspoons pub would be demolished.

Note the bottom left corner in the above image where the pub currently sits.

Lewisham pub set for demolition

New shops would be located at ground floor level with a “green space” planned above some in the centre of the site.

Two main entry points are proposed. One facing the High Street and another close to Lewisham DLR and National Rail station.

Proposed space above future shops

One key aim is to open up through-routes and improved permeability.

The report states that “During the updated PEA and PRA survey in 2023, Black redstarts were found to be nesting on Site and as such mitigation will be required”.


Lewisham’s Riverdale Centre dates from 1977 and is a landmark in the area, in particular for its former interior which anyone who grew up locally and in their 30s and above probably remembers as a child.

Much of that was swept away during internal refurbishment in the 1990s.

Current interior

The car park remains a time capsule though of previous decades with signage from various years hanging on.

It’s a great spot for documenting change across the town to boot.

Car park signage. 

Development of the site won’t be quick. The EIA states it’ll be over a period of 15 years.

The tallest tower wold top out at 35 storeys and 132 metres in height.

Tower to stay. Car park to go.

A car-free development is planned with disabled bays. The existing car park has 836 spaces including 36 disabled bays.

Lewisham High Street changes

Redevelopment of the shopping centre isn’t the only major change coming to the town centre. Much of Lewisham High Street is to be altered as part of a multi-million scheme.

Potential changes

Lewisham Council have been awarded millions from central government as part of the Levelling-Up program.

A total of £15,690,000 is for High Street out of £24 million in total which also covered projects such as revamping the library.

Of the £24 million total £19 million comes from government with £5 million match-funding from Lewisham Council.

New developments bring the authority many millions in income

Of Lewisham’s £5 million contribution, a total of £4 million is funding from new developments and related Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 income.

CIL is a key tool for raising money from new developments and the shopping centre plan will bring a windfall – but likely much less than is possible.

New development in Lewisham

Like neighbouring Greenwich, Lewisham have a pretty poor record for obtaining funds. They started the process of reforming low rates in 2018 and went as far as consultation before “pausing”, though have yet to resume more than five years later.

That failure has seen income lost during a flurry of recent development and could now cost many more millions if the shopping centre development is approved prior to updating CIL rates.

As for the shopping centre’s EIA document, it can be viewed by clicking here.


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    17 thoughts on “Lewisham Shopping Centre redevelopment plan sees new details emerge

    • I don’t think this is a good idea
      You’re affecting other people’s lively hood. It’s a bad idea..All those stores and restaurants, what’s going to happen to them? Where there’s no vision, the people perish. Bad vision for Lewisham Council. The residents should be consulted first.

      • There has been a public exhibition of the plans available for the last few months at the shopping centre. Did you go? I thought it was amazing. The planning application isn’t yet in and, when it is, residents, businesses (and in fact anyone, anywhere) can comment.

    • Someone’s been paid off…. Why does anyone in their right mind think more skyscrapers are needed in Lewisham. The current eyesore and traffic nightmare is plenty to contend with. How many of these so called town planners actually live in Lewisham.
      Absolutely furious!!!

      • I agree with you about the traffic nightmare. But this is a current problem caused by losing the roundabout in favour of new buildings by the station. This particular development doesn’t affect roads/traffic. In fact it should help because the car park will go. And, as you say, it gets rid of a real eyesore in Lewisham.

      • @A. Evans: I agree with you. Lewisham town centre is turning into a forest of ugly high rises that funnel the wind and almost knock people of their feet. How long will it be before light and air are crowded out by these monstrous edifaces?

    • I grew up in lewisham and remember how the town once was back in the 80s/90s compared to now, simply unrecognisable. I’m still not sure about the dangerous and confusing road layout for pedestrians that cuts through the northern end, accident waiting to happen.

      • Someone in the 1980s would have said the same about the 1960s. In the 1960s someone would say the same about the 1940s. The town’s history of change is evident everywhere – as in pretty much most UK towns.

        • @J Smith: Lewisham is not changing for the better. I remember the Lewisham of the 70s to the 90s’ where there was seemingly nothing that you couldn’t buy. Central Lewisham is turning into a giant dormitory with poor shopping options for most.

    • Lewisham high street won’t survive without adequate car parking.
      This scheme, in addition to the nightmarish road system, seems designed to drive shoppers who need cars elsewhere. Considering that polluting diesel and petrol cars are being phased out, this seems very shortsighted.

      • Cars don’t really belong in built up urban areas like this in zone 2. It just causes congestion and slows everyone down.

        Thousands of new residents along with DLR, rail and bus links for miles around will keep it going. If there are changes its no more than in car-centric towns and as a result of wider trends. At least new residents in the centre give it a chance to evolve (eg away from things people can order online) and stay popular.

    • Have I overlooked this? What happens to the market traders and stalls. They are at the hub of what’s going on in Lewisham.

      • Lewisham outdoor market is having a multimillion pound revamp as part of the government monies to level up. The shopping centre plans do not affect the market.

        • @ Chris Lambert: ‘Lewisham outdoor market is having a multimillion pound revamp …’. Will the existing stallholders be able to afford the rent, or it is intended to pivot towards ‘artisans’ that will not serve the needs of the local demographic?

    • Ill fares the land, to hastening ill a prey,
      Where wealth accumulates and men decay.

    • Can’t believe the pub is going seems like your getting rid of all the social hang outs
      Lewisham is changing but we’re are all the black shops you got rid of the culture market
      I don’t even know if you will take note of this info

    • I known there not many shops in the centre, but you can go in eat drink in the get your food shopping and go in a few shops there buy.the necessary things. Hair salon what people have be useing for years liked me,what going to happen to all the people that worked there just lost there jobs. And Sainsbury’s what going to happen there were are people going to do there food shop.boots very important shop prescriptions another things ect. Don’t think the improvement taking the centre away going to help people more the old whst sit in side eat drink and chat to people.should have just be liked Bromley not more of high rise blocks.


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